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We beat the drum for our boundless stock. There's plenty of choice. Find your new or used truck, tractor unit, trailer, machine, van or agricultural machine at basworld.com.

Go to basworld.com and select a vehicle category. Here you will find our extensive stock of vehicles and machinery. Advanced Search allows you to enter specific features and refine your search. Save your favourite vehicles within your BAS World account. What's also useful: if your vehicle is not listed, create your own search. You will be notified as soon as a vehicle that meets your criteria arrives. Go for it!
All vehicles on basworld.com are verified. Here’s what that means. Each vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by our independent experts. This holds true for everyone who sells vehicles via basworld.com, both BAS World and sellers. We make HD videos and HD photos of every vehicle, so you know what you get.
Yes, of course. Buy vehicles worldwide with assistance in your own language. Our team speaks over seventeen languages and are happy to lend a hand. Also, we have built in features on basworld.com that will help you get started. Such as saving and storing favourite vehicles and searches.

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What you see is what you get

Our stock consists of the best used and new vehicles. We attach great importance to painting an honest picture of the vehicle's condition. You always know where you stand. Let us clarify that.

We use our years of knowledge and experience to offer the most interesting vehicles. Paying close attention to price-quality. Our experts inspect each vehicle from top to bottom. Hence, you will always get an honest impression through the HD video and HD photos that we take of each vehicle. Furthermore, our pricing experts analyse the current market situation on a daily basis. They give sellers fair and competitive price advice.
All vehicles in our BAS World Store can be viewed at our location in Veghel, the Netherlands. However, vehicles of our BAS World partners are only offered online. They can be found at locations all over the world, which makes it difficult to view them in real life. Yet we have good news. BAS World guarantees a comprehensive and thorough inspection of both its own vehicles and those of its partners. We present every vehicle on basworld.com with a extensive HD video and 25 HD photos of the vehicle. Viewing the vehicle is therefore a thing of the past.
We try to provide as much information as possible for each vehicle. You will find it all on the vehicle page. Is there anything missing, though? Please get in touch with the BAS World team. Our team speaks over seventeen languages and they will be happy to inform you about the particular vehicle.
What you see is what you get


We deliver. All over the world.

The transport of your vehicle is easily arranged. Choose your delivery point and we’ll do the rest.

We can be clear on that. An authorized transport company will pick up the vehicle and deliver it to your doorstep. Having moved more than 100,000 vehicles from point A to point B, we are no strangers when it comes to transporting and shipping vehicles and machinery. Is it possible to pick up a vehicle yourself? Yes, you can. If the vehicle is in the BAS World Store, you can pick it up yourself at our location in Veghel, The Netherlands. If you want to know more about the possibilities, please ask our advisors.
In our calculator on the vehicle page, we always give an indicative delivery time. Naturally, this depends on various factors. One of these is the location of the vehicle. Shortly after confirming the purchase, we will communicate the exact delivery date of the transport or shipping of the vehicle.
It is possible to calculate the delivery costs in advance via basworld.com. In most cases, this will give you the right price immediately. Is it a vehicle with deviating dimensions? Consult one of our advisors to find out the exact transport costs.
We deliver. All over the world.


100% safe transaction

Purchasing a vehicle is done safely via basworld.com. For example, we team up with a trusted payment provider that enables secure payment.

Do you have a new vehicle on the horizon? That's great. When you are ready to place your order, follow these steps. Fill in your details and choose your method of payment: in full or by advance. An authorised transport company will then pick up your new vehicle. After your payment has been received by our trusted payment provider. Prefer to contact us first? Sure, that is possible too.
Indeed, they are. Here’s why. Every seller on basworld.com is thoroughly checked beforehand. We check whether it is a genuine supplier. With valid information and good intentions. This way we eliminate fake accounts and keep basworld.com clear.
Certainty is important. We get that. You, the buyer, transfer the money to a BAS World trusted payment provider. We will then arrange for the transport. An authorised transport company will collect the vehicle. When it is collected, we transfer the money to the seller. A safe solution for both buyers and sellers.
100% safe transaction


Always an insight into documents

As a buyer, you naturally want to know whether the vehicle's accompanying documents are present. We offer this insight at all times. Go to the vehicle page and select "documents" on the right-hand side.

It varies a lot. Thus, there is no standard answer we can give. It depends entirely on the vehicle in question. Always ask one of our advisors for a current status. Want to know what documents are required in which countries?

Read about required documents
First things first. You fulfil the payment for the vehicle and confirm the delivery. Meanwhile, we receive the corresponding documents from the seller in question. As soon as we have checked and approved them, we will send the documents to you.
The selling party will ask you for a power of attorney. You will also be requested to provide your identity documents. Then you're all set to go.
Always an insight into documents

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B. Paulo

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It was difficult for me to choose the appropriate selling price when I sell vehicles myself. Selling my used vehicles via BAS World saves me time and money.

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K. Kurt

Buyer | Netherlands

Very neat company with many commercial vehicles and trucks. The possibilities here are endless.

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M. Lemmens

Seller | Germany

Selling via BAS World is quite simple, from the vehicle check-in over the pricing until the final selling. Everything works with the lowest input from my side, which makes selling feel effortless.

5 out of 5

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