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    New and used Scania Truck for Sale

    Want to buy a Scania truck or lorry? Then you have come to the right place at BAS World. In fact, we have a large selection of new and used Scania trucks for sale at Scania offers trucks for every situation. In addition, each Scania truck model has its own speciality. The Scania G, R and P series are the best-known models and are used for a wide range of purposes. In addition to various models, you can choose Scania trucks with different trims and bodies. Our inventory includes Scania tippers, open/closed box trucks and crane trucks. The popular Scania V8 truck is also on sale at BAS World. Use the filters on this page to find your new or used truck.

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    Information about Scania trucks

    BAS World's inventory is large and diverse. We can be clear about that. In it, you will also find a diverse collection of Scania trucks for sale. These include the most popular lorry models, such as the Scania P series and the R series. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each Scania truck for sale before you can buy it on Want to know all the ins and outs of our Scania trucks? Then read on below.

    Chassis build and cab at Scania trucks

    At, you will find many options when it comes to the chassis and body style of a Scania truck. The possibilities are virtually endless. As long as you know what purposes the truck will be used for. Are you planning to transport heavy containers? Then a Scania container truck is undoubtedly the best fit for you. Is the intention to lift the load in and out of the truck? Then choose a Scania crane truck. Other Scania truck options are BDF containers, concrete mixers, box trucks, flatbed trucks or tippers.

    Scania container system trucks

    A container truck makes it easy for you to load and unload containers. There are multiple ways/systems to do this. Consider a chain system, hook lift system, skip loader system or cable system. At, you will find many container trucks from Scania. Many of the trucks available belong to the Scania R and P range.

    Scania tipper trucks

    Scania tippers, also known as dumpers, are robust and versatile vehicles created for transporting and unloading loose materials, such as sand, soil, gravel or construction waste. In addition to mines, the vehicles are often used on construction sites. Comfort is a high priority at Scania, and the tipper is no exception. The tippers offer comfortable seating, as well as good noise and vibration dampening, helping to make the driver as comfortable as possible while on the road.

    Scania box trucks 

    Scania box trucks offer full protection in various weather conditions, so you can be sure your goods will be transported safely from A to B. Due to the large quantity and also the degree of customizability, a Scania box truck is always tailor-made to best fit the customer's needs and requirements as closely as possible. In addition, Scania also emphasises sustainability in its box trucks, thereby reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. Thus, these closed box trucks from Scania are suitable for companies looking for a reliable, durable and safe way to transport their goods.

    Scania crane trucks

    These types of trucks are used for transportation and for its lifting functions. They are essential in sectors such as construction, logistics and utilities. Scania allows customers to personalise their crane truck with a variety of customisation options and modifications. This means that customers have the ability to tailor their vehicle to their individual requirements, making choices regarding crane size, chassis type and cab design.

    Scania models for sale

    BAS World's stock is extremely varied. In addition to different bodies, our vehicle stock also consists of various Scania truck models. Each of them is suitable for a different situation. Scania's most popular models are:

    Scania R

    The Scania R is a truck suitable for transport and long distances. In addition, this lorry model is equipped with a powerful motor. This makes the truck a true multi-purpose vehicle. For example you can equip the Scania R truck as a tipper truck or a box truck with a hook lift system or BDF container system. So there are plenty of opportunities. Some of the most common variants of the Scania R include the Scania R410 and Scania R450, and another familiar configuration is the R420 HL 6X4. 

    Scania P

    Looking for a truck for urban and regional transportation? With the Scania P, that's no problem at all. Scania optimised this model so that this low truck can drive perfectly well with excellent visibility in the city. Besides distribution, the Scania P is also a multi-purpose truck. This is because another structure can easily be mounted on it. The Scania P can be used for distribution, construction as well as municipal services. Thanks in part to various cab configurations, such as day cabs, sleeper cabs and crew cabs, this is a versatile truck for both short and long distances. The P-series truck line can be configured as a closed box truck, a tipper truck or a tanker truck. Some common variations include the Scania P230 6x2, Scania P 280 4x2, Scania P360 4x2 and Scania P380 4x2. These versions are also available with different axle configurations, such as the 4X2, 6X2, 6X4, 8X2 and 8X4 models. 

    Scania G 

    Scania's G-series is designed to balance performance and comfort. For example, it is ideal for regional and long-distance transportation, construction, and also other heavy-duty tasks. The Scania G is offered with day cabs and sleeper cabs in different heights and configurations. Like other Scania series, the G-series offers a range of chassis configurations, including 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and also 8x4. Transport professionals appreciate the Scania G-series for its ruggedness, efficiency and versatility, making it ideal for a variety of demanding logistics and transport assignments. Some more common versions of the Scania G are the Scania G360, Scania G450 and Scania G500. 

    Scania V8

    The combination of power and unique sound makes the Scania V8 one of the most popular engines in the world. This engine from Scania proudly bears the nickname "king of the road". When this engine was introduced in 1960, it was the strongest diesel in Europe. Over the years, this engine underwent several developments due to stringent environmental standards. Today, this Scania engine is still one of the best-known and sought-after engines in trucks. This engine is available on all Scania models that the truck brand has released. The V8 is available from 520 HP to 770 HP. In view of environmental requirements, it is available as a diesel, HVO and biodiesel engine. The V8 is mainly used in heavy trucks and lorries. More common versions are the Scania R500 V8 HL 6x2 

    Buy new or used Scania trucks for sale

    BAS World has an extensive selection of Scania trucks in both the Netherlands and internationally. Our inventory includes a diverse range of Scania trucks for sale, including the latest generation of trucks. If you're looking for a Scania truck that fits your needs, take a look at our selection of Scania trucks and lorries on BAS World.

    Buy a new Scania truck

    At BAS World, you can not only buy slightly used trucks but also new truck models. We offer a wide range of brands, including new Scania trucks and lorries for sale. Our team is ready to support you in finding the vehicle that is perfect for you. Want to learn more about what BAS World has to offer? Contact our staff or schedule a visit and stop by BAS World in Veghel. 

    Buy a used Scania truck 

    BAS World offers an extensive selection of used trucks, including pre-owned Scania models. If you are interested in buying a lightly used Scania truck, you will find exactly what you need at BAS World. If you can not immediately find your desired version, configuration or combination, create an account on BAS World. This will automatically keep you informed of new stock and truck offers.

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