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BAS World has revolutionized the global trade of commercial vehicles and machinery, selling more than 10,000 vehicles every year.

Working closely with our partners both big and small, we facilitate commercial trading via the BAS World marketplace and support team. We offer safe transactions, guaranteed deliveries, and accurate reporting of condition and specifications.

How Safe Deal works

1. Find your vehicle

We offer Europe's biggest and most varied stock and many smart search options so you don't miss out on matching results.

2. Configure your order

Configure your order on any device, just the way you want it. We'll keep the buying process clear for you at any time.

3. Trusted transaction

As soon as you complete your order, you can select your preferred payment method and get a trusted transaction. We keep it easy and safe.

4. Guaranteed delivery

Due to our big and trusted worldwide network, our delivery specialists are able to get your vehicle delivered smooth and fast anywhere you want!

Based on trust

Using the BAS World marketplace to purchase or sell any commercial vehicle or machinery will result in ease and confidence on both sides.

There are two selling options to ensure the best price for your vehicles, so you do not have to go to a trader to sell quickly. Buyers can be sure of updated and accurate data, secure payment processing, and Trusted Delivery. No surprises. No disappointments.

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We wanted it to be easy to use and safe. And to continue offering customer support from BAS vehicle experts on request.

How it started

Since 1962, BAS has been a central part and key driver of the Dutch automotive industry. In the early 1990s, BAS became a frontrunner in Europe when it began trading new and used commercial vehicles.

As the years passed and the technology improved, we started asking ourselves why it wasn’t easier for buyers and sellers to find each other, and make trades, all over the world. There were few, if any, reputable online marketplaces to facilitate commercial vehicle and machinery trades. So we set out to change it.

How? We took our deep knowledge of truck trading, direct sales experience, vast network of buyers and sellers, and added the latest technology to create an online marketplace to facilitate commercial trades internationally: BAS World.

As Europe’s largest trader of commercial trucks, trailers, buses, vans, and machinery, BAS Trucks, with 30+ years experience in second-hand commercial sales, set the precedents and standards that went into the creation of BAS World.

We wanted BAS World’s offers to be up-to-date and include the highest level of details of specifications. We wanted it to be easy to use, fast, and safe. We wanted to guarantee payment security and safe delivery. And to continue to offer customer support from BAS vehicle experts upon request.

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