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New and used Refrigerated trucks for sale

Want to buy a new or used refrigerated truck? Then you have come to the right place at basworld.com. A fridge truck ensures that all your cooled products remain nice and cold during transport. Conditioned transport includes food, flowers, meat products and much more. The brand of truck, fridge box and cooling motor can all differ from brand to brand. For more information about refrigerated vehicles, continue reading the article or select your requirements using the search filters.

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Information about refrigerated trucks

Are you looking for a temperature controlled refrigerated truck to transport perishable food, flowers or other refrigerated goods? Then you are sure to find the right reefer truck at BAS World. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each refrigerated truck for sale before anyone can purchase it on basworld.com. Want to know all the ins and outs of our refrigerated box trucks and the various options available? Then read on below.

ThermoKing and Carrier

At BAS World, we have various refrigerated trucks for sale that are equipped with truck refrigeration from leadings brands, including ThermoKing and Carrier. These brands are leaders in the truck refrigeration industry due to their advanced cooling technologies and refrigeration options. For example, our range of refrigerated trucks features cooling systems such as the ThermoKing T-1000R or Carrier Supra 1250N. 

Multi-temperature and mono-temperature

The refrigerated box is often temperature-controlled by cooling engines mounted at the front on top of the truck. There is an evaporator in the cooling box from which the cold air comes out. Some of the most well-known cooling systems are from ThermoKing and Carrier, among others. With a multi-temp cooling tray, you can create two different temperature zones. This type of cooling unit allows you to keep separate products that have different storage temperatures. With blast chillers, you can also freeze products instead of just cooling them.

In addition to multi-temperature controls, it is also possible to purchase a mono-temperature refrigerated truck. These types of refrigerated trucks are equipped with a refrigeration system that cools at one temperature. This type of refrigerated truck is mainly used for large loads that need to be stored or transported at one controlled temperature. 

Negative and positive cooling space

A negative cold room is one in which the temperature is kept below freezing. This is important for products that need to be stored and transported in a frozen state. Products such as meat, fish, ready meals or certain pharmaceutical products should be transported frozen, as this promotes the shelf life of these goods and reduces their spoilage. 

On the other hand, it is also possible to purchase a refrigerated truck that has a positive temperature cold box. These types of refrigerated trucks are designed for storing and transporting goods that need to be stored and transported while cool but not frozen. The temperature in this type of refrigerated truck ranges from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius. This temperature is necessary to prolong the freshness of certain kinds of products and prevent their spoilage. Products such as dairy goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and some medicines are often stored and transported in these types of vehicles. 

The choice between a negative or positive cold room depends on the storage and transportation needs of the products you need to transport. It is crucial to use proper temperature settings to ensure product quality. With the right refrigeration equipment, a cold room can achieve both negative and positive temperatures, depending on your requirements.

Buy a refrigerated truck at basworld.com

Some of the different models we have in stock at BAS World include the Mercedes-Benz Atego, Mercedes-Benz Actros, Mercedes-Benz Axor, DAF LF and DAF CF. In addition to these popular models, we also have a wide range of fridge lorry trucks for sale from other brands. Are you interested in buying refrigerated transport trucks for sale? View the stock on BAS World. The refrigerated trucks for sale in our stock are from well-known lorry brands, such as:

Refrigerated truck driving license

Refrigerated trucks are available in various sizes and weights. That means you are not allowed to drive just any refrigerated truck. For heavier refrigerated trucks, you need a different driver's license than for the lighter versions. See here for an explanation of all the options within this category.

Refrigerated truck C1 driving license

With a C1 driver's license, you can drive refrigerated trucks weighing between 3.5 tons and 7.5 tons. If these refrigerated trucks are driven professionally, you are required to apply for code 95. Refrigerated trucks in this category are also called medium-duty trucks.

Refrigerated truck C driving license

For refrigerated trucks between 3.5 tons and 50 tons in weight, you need a class C driving license. This applies not only to a refrigerated truck but to all vehicles of this weight. Refrigerated trucks in this category are also known as small lorries.

Refrigerated truck B driving license

Refrigerated trucks weighing less than 3.5 tons no longer fall under the small lorry category. These light refrigerated trucks now fall under the category of commercial vehicles. You do not need a special driving license to drive this type of refrigerated truck. An ordinary car license (B) is more than sufficient.

Our refrigerated truck range

At BAS World, we offer a wide range of both new and used truck refrigerated trucks for sale. Thanks to this large, varied selection, there is always a new or used refrigerated truck that fits your search needs. Is the lorry or truck you want with all your desired options not currently listed? Create an account on BAS World, enter your search and get notified of new incoming stock and offers on saved searches. 

New refrigerated trucks

In addition to the wide range of used refrigerated trucks for sale, it is also possible to purchase a new refrigerated truck at BAS World. At BAS World, we have a large inventory of new vehicles of various makes, models and options. Use the filters on the page to search our range of new refrigerated trucks for sale. Have you found a suitable vehicle or need additional information? Our team is here for you.

Used refrigerated trucks 

It is also possible to purchase used refrigerated trucks at BAS World. We offer a wide range of Volvo, Scania, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, and MAN refrigerated trucks, among others. These pre-owned refrigerated trucks have all the necessary options and extras, such as a tailgate. Tailgates and loading ramps make it easy to load and unload a refrigerated truck. In addition, many of the refrigerated trucks also have cruise control or multimedia systems that make driving these refrigerated trucks a pleasant experience. Our colleagues are ready to provide you with additional information about our vehicles or assist in finding the right vehicle to suit you. 

Refrigerated semi-trailers 

In addition to the wide range of refrigerated trucks we offer, BAS World also has a vast collection of refrigerated semi-trailers, such as those of the Chereau brand. This well-known brand features trailers that can be adjusted in temperature to suit their perishable goods and cargo. In addition to a refrigerated truck, are you perhaps also looking for a refrigerated trailer? Then check out our page for refrigerated trailers at basworld.com. 

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