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    New and used Crane trucks for sale

    Want to buy a truck with a crane? Then the possibilities at BAS World are endless. In fact, you can combine a crane with various truck bodies, which makes a crane truck very convenient. For example, in our stock, we offer box trucks with cranes, container trucks with cranes, tipper trucks with cranes, and so on. A crane truck, or crane-mounted truck, is used mainly for construction work and to reach locations that are hard to reach. Well-known brands of truck-mounted loader cranes include Pallfinger 1L, HIAB, Effer, Fassi, PM and HMF. At, there is always a crane truck for sale that fits your needs. Use the filters on this page if you are looking for a specific crane truck that needs to meet, for example, a specific year of manufacture, mileage or payload. Buying new or used lorries and crane trucks has never been easier. 

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    Information about crane trucks

    At, you will find many combinations of trucks with cranes, including both new and used crane trucks. There are so many different combinations available because loader cranes can often be combined with different bodies. Every used and new crane truck we offer is thoroughly inspected by our experts before we list it for sale on Only when the crane truck passes our inspection do we put the used truck crane up for sale. Want to know all the ins and outs of our crane trucks? Then read on below.

    Crane truck configurations (4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x2, 8x4)

    The configurations of crane trucks are often denoted by number ranges, such as 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x6, which give specific information about the number of wheels and driven axles of the vehicle. For example, in a 6x2 configuration, the crane truck has six wheels, two of which are driven. The choice of a specific configuration depends on the nature of the transport, the weight of the load, the distances to be covered and the road conditions. 

    Crane truck Euro standards (euro 3, euro 4, euro 5, euro 6)

    Euro standards, also known as emissions standards, are standards established to regulate harmful emissions from vehicles. For crane trucks, there are different Euro standards that specify the environmental standards they must meet. Major Euro standards for crane trucks are euro 3, euro 4, euro 5 and euro 6. 

    Truck-mounted cranes on a crane truck

    Our stock includes trucks with cranes made by the most famous brands. To name a few for you: HIAB, Palfinger hp, HMF, PM, Effer and Fassi. These companies are known worldwide for producing high-quality cranes. In addition, the truck-mounted cranes are assembled by licensed builders who have a keen eye for quality and safety.

    Lifting capacity of crane trucks

    The lifting capacity of a crane truck is expressed in tons/meter. For example, this means that the truck-mounted crane, at a distance of 1 meter from the crane, could lift 90 tons. This is what you would call 90 tons/meter. The lifting table on the truck-mounted crane or the crane's owner book will indicate what the truck-mounted crane can lift per meter of load. Small crane trucks with a capacity of, say, 30-35 tons/meter often have two support legs. Larger crane trucks almost always have four. The largest and heaviest crane trucks, from 100 tons/meter and up, often feature front outriggers for added stability. The front outriggers are mounted on a front extension of the chassis so that the forces are well distributed over the chassis. A front outrigger also allows the loader crane to rotate 360 degrees and work in front of the truck.

    Crane truck reach

    The number of extensions on a crane indicates the reach of a truck-mounted crane. For example, a crane truck with nine extensions on the crane has one of the farthest reaches of any crane truck. With a FLY JIB, the truck-mounted crane can extend even further. A FLY JIB not only provides extra reach but also has an extra articulation point so that even hard-to-reach areas remain within reach.

    Additional options on a truck with a crane (e.g. remote control)

    Want to work with the crane remotely? This is possible with most crane trucks. A remote control, also called a remote or clicker, is used to do this. It allows you to control the crane with a great overview from a safe distance. Many crane trucks are equipped with toolboxes to store crane parts. These parts can be hooks, outrigger plates or chains, for example.

    Winch on the truck-mounted crane

    An additional option you can add to your truck-mounted crane is a winch. Using a winch, you can also hoist materials with the crane, making it optimal for many uses. Common winches include the 2.5T or 3.5T winch. Several cranes are also equipped with additional functions. This makes the winch automatically roll in or out with the crane while it slides.

    Buy trucks with a crane at

    At, there are crane trucks of all kinds from many brands. The new or used crane trucks in our stock are from the most famous brands, such as DAF, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo and Scania. It is important to note that the brand of loader crane for each truck is different from the manufacturer of the truck. It is also possible to combine cranes with various body types. In our stock, you will find box trucks with a crane, open cargo flatbed trucks with a crane, salvage/hoist trucks with a crane, and tippers with a crane, among others.

    DAF crane trucks for sale

    DAF crane trucks, such as the DAF CF and DAF XF, embody sustainability and efficiency in the transport sector. The DAF crane trucks have an automatic transmission or manual transmission, offering precise driver control, which is especially crucial when manoeuvring heavy loads. The spacious and comfortable cabin in DAF crane trucks is designed with the driver in mind, making long working days more than bearable. These features make the DAF crane truck not only reliable but also pleasant to work with. For professionals looking for a combination of ease of use and performance, DAF remains a wise choice in the world of crane trucks.

    Volvo crane trucks for sale

    Volvo is known worldwide for its impressive range of trucks, and this brand's crane trucks are no exception. In particular, the Volvo FMX, the Volvo FH and the Volvo FM are true powerhouses that conquer the construction and transport industry, thanks to their robustness and high performance. The different kinds of Volvo crane trucks are again divided into distinct models. For example, the Volvo FMX 540 6x4, Volvo FH 540 8x4 and the Volvo FM 460 6x2 trucks. The Volvo crane truck is a reliable choice for those looking for an auto crane. With impressive performance, this crane truck offers the perfect combination of functionality and cost savings. Due to advanced technology and its robust design, this crane truck meets the requirements of various industries. Those looking for a reliable partner in lifting operations will find a worthwhile investment in the Volvo crane truck.   

    Mercedes-Benz crane trucks for sale

    Mercedes-Benz crane trucks, such as the Mercedes-Benz Arocs and the Mercedes-Benz Actros, excel on several fronts. First, they are known for their impressive strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty construction and transportation applications. In addition, Mercedes crane trucks offer advanced technological infrastructure and innovative features, providing outstanding performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. They combine powerful engines with advanced transmission systems and intelligent control systems to ensure optimal performance, even under challenging conditions. 

    MAN crane trucks for sale

    MAN crane trucks, with distinctive models such as the tipper truck, are leading vehicles in the transportation world. Both new and used auto cranes are available at BAS World. Buying a pre-owned used auto crane is a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality. MAN crane trucks are a preferred choice   

    Scania crane trucks for sale

    The renowned Scania brand is known for its powerful engines and advanced technology, making their crane trucks top of the line. For those looking for a new or used auto crane for sale, Scania offers several options. The Scania brand includes two models: the Scania P and the Scania R. Scania crane trucks are a wise choice for both construction projects and transportation tasks. With these crane trucks, you are assured of quality and reliability.

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