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    New and used Concrete Mixer trucks for sale

    Buying a new or used concrete mixer truck? Here, you will find a diverse selection of self-loading concrete trucks for sale. A cement truck consists of a vehicle chassis with a concrete mixing tank on the back. This concrete mixer is powered by a motor and can run while driving to mix the cement. Self-loading concrete mixers or cement trucks are powerful lorries with a high configuration. In fact, they are often available in an 8x4 or 6x4 configuration, as more driven axles result in better grip for heavy loads.

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    Information about concrete mixer trucks

    Are you looking for a concrete mixer? The concrete mixer trucks for sale in our inventory have been inspected by an entire team of experts before being listed for sale on Want to know all the ins and outs of our concrete mixer trucks for sale? Then read on below for more information or contact us.

    Common axle configurations of concrete mixers

    Concrete mixer trucks are vehicles with very heavy loads. This makes it crucial that the concrete mixers have a high axle configuration. This is why you mainly see concrete mixer trucks with 10x4, 8x4 and 6x4 configurations. This keeps the truck from slipping on unpaved roads. These configurations not only make it easier to handle but also safer.

    Capacities of concrete mixers

    A concrete mixer truck is usually powered by an electric or gasoline engine with power take-off (PTO). This also allows the concrete mixer to keep running while transporting concrete. It also allows you to mix the concrete on the go. The capacity of a concrete mixer is always expressed in cubic meters. For example, a 9 m³ concrete mixer is one of the smallest, and a 15 m³ concrete mixer is one of the largest. Spiral concrete mixers are from manufacturers such as Liebherr, SCHWING-Stetter, Imer and CIFA.

    Some concrete mixer trucks cannot reach difficult locations. For this, trucks with concrete pumps are a good choice. Concrete mixer trucks can supply cement to the concrete pump truck by tipping the load into the pump.

    Concrete mixer truck weight

    The weight of concrete mixer trucks is a crucial factor in the construction industry, as it determines the capacity to transport and deliver concrete. In total, a concrete mixer truck, when empty, already weighs a considerable amount due to the robust build required to handle the weight of the concrete. When a concrete mixer truck is delivered with a full load of concrete, the weight of the truck at maximum capacity can reach approximately 14,000 kg. This weight increase means that the payload is very large, and specific logistical considerations are needed to ensure that the truck can manoeuvre safely and that the dumping site can unload without blocking the main road. 

    The specified tonnage is also important for the road infrastructure, which must be designed to carry such heavy loads. For the efficient transport of concrete, concrete mixer trucks may be equipped with special mixer pumps. The use of a mixer pump makes it possible to pour ready-mixed concrete in locations that are normally difficult to access. These devices combine mixing and pumping in one process, reducing the need for heavy physical labour and increasing precision in pouring. To pour in really difficult places, such as on floors of a building or in hard-to-reach areas, you can also choose to use a mixer pump or a concrete pump truck. Thanks to its hydraulic arm that pours the concrete in the desired location, it becomes a lot easier to perform this difficult and heavy task. 

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    The concrete mixer trucks for sale in our stock are from well-known brands such as:

    Concrete trucks and lorries for sale

    Concrete mixers, often referred to as cement mixers, are produced by a number of well-known manufacturers in the heavy vehicle industry. Brands such as Volvo, with their Volvo FM series, offer powerful and reliable concrete mixer trucks that are widely used by concrete batching plants and construction companies. Other prominent brands include MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania, which all specialise in producing trucks that are more than capable of carrying heavy loads, such as concrete. These brands are known for their durability and ability to mix and deliver concrete efficiently. Some of the brands that build their own mixers for truck chassis are: Liebherr, SCHWING-Stetter, Imer and CIFA.

    Concrete mixer operations: cement from A to B

    A cement mixer truck is an essential vehicle in the construction industry. These mixers are designed to transport and pour ready-mixed concrete at the construction site. These trucks are equipped with a rotating drum that keeps the concrete moving and prevents it from hardening during transport. Such a truck has a net weight of about 14 tons and can carry up to 9 to 10 m³ of concrete, depending on the model and size of the drum. This means that with a full load, the concrete mixer truck can reach a significant weight.

    Upon delivery, the concrete is discharged through the chute or directly from the drum into the cement mould or at the pouring site. For construction companies, it is imperative that there is enough room for the concrete truck to manoeuvre and that a through road is not blocked. Fortunately, there are ways to pour ready-mixed concrete in hard-to-access locations, such as through the use of a concrete pump truck. These types of trucks pump the concrete directly to the pouring site through a hydraulic arm that allows them to reach difficult locations.

    View our range of concrete mixer trucks for sale

    At BAS World, you will find an extensive and constantly changing assortment of new and used trucks. With our extensive selection, you will always find a concrete mixer truck that fits your specific needs. Is the ideal truck with your desired options not currently available? Then register on BAS World. Simply enter your preferences, and you'll be automatically notified of our latest stock and special promotions related to your saved vehicle search.

    Buying new concrete mixer trucks

    BAS World stocks a wide range of new vehicles, including new concrete mixer trucks. The range includes different brands of trucks and lorries, as well as many trims and models of concrete mixer trucks from leading brands. Use the filters to browse the selection and discover your ideal new concrete mixer truck. Is your dream vehicle not listed, or do you need additional information about any of our vehicles? Our team of experts is here to help. Feel free to contact BAS World or make an appointment to drop by the BAS World Store in Veghel. 

    Buying used concrete mixer trucks 

    Whether new or used, it doesn't matter at BAS World. We offer a diverse selection of both used vehicles and brand new vehicles for sale. Buying a used concrete mixer from BAS World is certainly possible. For example, BAS World has several used concrete mixers in stock, and our consultants will be happy to discuss the options and help you find a vehicle that best suits your needs. View our selection of used concrete mixers on our website.

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