Brands and options

Almost all brands deliver their commercial vehicles in a ‘bare’ chassis version. Despite the missing superstructure the cabin is completely finished. These cabins often include various options like air conditioning, navigation, double cabin and towbar.

What can a chassis LCV be used for?

A chassis LCV can be provided with various kinds of superstructures. An example of this is the transportation of glass plates. It is not very cost-effective for manufacturers to provide vehicles with the required structure. Other external companies have become specialists in this field of expertise and therefore take care of the conversion. A chassis LCV can also be equipped with a crane.

What does a chassis LCV cost?

Almost all vehicles are brand new because chassis LCVs are provided with a (permanent) structure. Nevertheless, prices differ greatly because of the included options and motorization. The price of a new chassis LCV varies between €17.000 and €32.000