Manufacturers and options

Besides Mercedes and Volkswagen, also Ford, Renault, Fiat and Peugeot manufacture refrigerator trucks. All models have a large isolated cargo space. Refrigerated trucks can be equipped with a number of options making it easier or faster in operation. An example of this is a tailgate. This makes it easy to load and unload pallets. Other options are cruise control, air conditioning or an ATP/FRC certificate. These could be required for international transport.

What are refrigerator trucks suitable for?

Refrigerated trucks are mainly suitable for the transport of perishable supplies. Due to the isolated construction and cooling motor, the cargo space can be kept at a constant and specific temperature. Frozen products will not thaw during transport because of this option. Vehicles equipped with a double evaporator ensure that different spaces of the cargo space can be set to different temperatures.


Refrigerated trucks differ in dimensions. The cargo space of a refrigerator truck varies between 7m3 and 15m3. In a number of models, this space can be divided into separate parts. By using a double evaporator, each section can be set to its own temperature.

How much does a refrigerator truck cost?

The price of a refrigerated truck depends on the age and mileage of the vehicle. A young used vehicle will last longer than an older truck. For this reason, it is more valuable. BAS World always has a wide range of refrigerated trucks of different manufacturers and ages. You can already buy a refrigerated truck for €10,000. The price of a new van is around €40,000.