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New to BAS World

An external seller might not be equipped for selling directly to customers. That’s why they choose to sell their vehicle completely online through BAS World. Don’t worry. All external sellers are checked on important quality requirements.
If you are buying from an international client, you want to avoid any risk of disappointment or financial loss. That’s why BAS World offers a Safe Deal solution that also includes a delivery guarantee. How does that work? That's simple: The buyer transfers his money to the BAS World escrow account and BAS World holds onto the money until the vehicle has been picked up by an authorized shipping company.
We check specifications, the registration documents and we use big data to verify whether a vehicle is listed correctly.
Yes, you’ll have to – as the seller wants to know who’s buying. Want to register an account? Click here: register

Using the platform

Please contact our BAS World service desk. Our experts of the service desk can help you with all your questions regarding account issues. You can find our contact details here: Contact us
Yes, we will! We send BAS World Saved Search email update and show you newly available vehicles.
You can see all your favourite vehicles quickly and easily in your BAS World dashboard – and you don’t have to search for these again. You will also get updates about any price reductions and see when a vehicle is sold.
After the order is placed and the payment is fullfilled the required documents will be sent by the seller. When the required documents are sent, the vehicle can be picked up, or will be delivered to your location.
Sure, why not? You need to import a vehicle to your country, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. However, please keep in mind that there are different rules regarding the import of a vehicle, and that you have verified any applicable customs fees and taxes. We advise you to seek advice from your local registration authority and contry's customs office at all times.
Many people buy vehicles without a physical inspection these days. Photos, videos, specifications and detailed information about the condition can give you enough information to make the decision to buy a vehicle – which also saves you time and money.
When you do a detailed search on BAS World, you can save this search so you can perform the very same detailed search at a later point in time with just a single click. Our system can also send you updates to inform you about newly listed vehicles that match the criteria of your Saved Searches – to make sure you’re always the first to know about newly listed vehicles that may be just what you are looking for.
Just fill in your prefered specifications, choose the desired vehicle and start a chat with the seller on or via our application.
As many as you like.
It is! We keep all data safe and secure in line with laws and regulations in the EU.

Vehicle condition

Get in touch with our service desk as soon as possible and provide proof of the mismatch. We’ll immediately contact the seller and start a procedure to resolve the issue.
You can discuss what is possible with the seller. He or she might be able to deliver several extra services such as new tyres or oil service.
BAS World does a check on the mileage to verify that the mileage mentioned in the specifications matches the actual mileage displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Please bear in mind that this is not proof that the mileage has not been changed at some point. You should always check for yourself if you can logically explain the mileage on a vehicle.
You can contact the seller and ask for an appointment to test the vehicle. Keep in mind that the seller could be located in another country, or does not allow testdrives.
Sure! Just ask the seller, he or she can send you photos, videos and other information via the BAS World chat.


The selling party will ask you to bring a power of attorney with you. You will also be asked for your identification papers.
After the vehicle is paid and delivery is confirmed, we will send the documents to you when using Safe Deal. If you're not making use of our Safe Deal service you'll have to organize this with the seller.
The documents will always be sent to you by DHL when using Safe Deal. You can find the track and trace in your BAS World account. If you do not use Safe Deal you have to organize this with the seller.
Questions regarding registering a vehicle are location dependent, therefore we advise you to check this with your local registration office, importer or dealer.

Payment & Warranty

The buyer is responsible for transferring the full amount as mentioned by BAS World. This means that if your local bank charges fee’s for transferring funds, you are responsible for paying these costs. 
No, it’s not possible to pay afterwards.
The seller needs to upload the final invoice in the BAS World portal. The invoice can be downloaded by you at all times.
The final tax invoice will be issued after the complete payment has been made. The total amount of the order will be invoiced by two parties, namely: • The additional services will be invoiced by BAS World (transport, shipment, transit plates and other). • The vehicle, possibly with services or goods from the seller, will be invoiced by the seller.
If you cancel the order you will lose your down payment. Please make sure you are willing and able to buy the vehicle before making a down payment.
The reference number of the vehicle should be included in the description of the payment. You don't have to record anything else. Our referenced numbers consists of 8 digits, always starting with 70 (e.g. 70135798). Please ensure you use the correct reference number, otherwise it might require a much longer time before we can complete the deal.
The bank account from BAS World is: Payment details: Beneficiary name: Bas Trucks B.V. IBAN number: NL93RABO0160816718 Account number: 160816718 Swift code: RABONL2U BAS World is a trading name of BAS Trucks B.V. For this reason the beneficiary name is BAS Trucks B.V. and not BAS World. Please ensure you use the correct reference number, otherwise it might require a much longer time before we can complete the deal.
You can ask the seller of the vehicle if he or she offers financial services. If the seller is not offering financial services it is best to contact a local financing company if you want to finance your vehicle.
The choice of currency should be discussed between buyer and seller. In case of a Safe Deal the standard currency is Euro.
Vat. no.: NL.8068.59.945.B.02
COC number: 17103220
Swift Code: RABONL2U
IBAN number: NL93RABO0160816718

Download bank details BAS World


Contact your seller via BAS World chat and tell him or her the new delivery address.
In your transport confirmation you can find all details on the scheme.
No this is only possible before the transport confirmation.
We will give updates during each step in the transport process when you choose for BAS World's Delivery Service
Probably you will have to. The tax and fee structure differs per country as each country has different regulations. Contact your country’s relevant institution to enquiry about possible taxes and fees.
As soon as the vehicle is on its way, the Bill of Lading (BL) will be drafted. At that moment you will be informed and provided with the BL.
This depends on the location of the vehicle. You can choose to pick up the vehicle directly from the seller, or have the vehicle transported or shipped to your preferred port. By using the Safe Deal service, you have the possibility to let us arrange the delivery of your vehicle. You can find more information about Safe Deal here: Safe deal
This differs in every port. For the correct information please contact the port of arrival or the company who arranged shipping.
Transit plates have third party liability insurance, which means the vehicle is insured for damages caused to others. Please always make sure you check if the coverage is sufficient for you.
By choosing Safe Deal you can make use of our delivery service, by using the delivery service provided by us you are insured under the CMR conditions. If you don't make use of our delivery service you'll have to discuss with your local insurance agent what the ideal insurance option would be.
If you're using Safe Deal, a guarantee will be offered that the vehicle in the pictures will actually be delivered.
This is different in every country, you have to check this at the border of every country you enter.
If you have chosen for the transport option offered by BAS World you can always contact our delivery desk to get the desired information.
Please see the following example for a complete signed: CMR proof of delivery 
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