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Used Flatbed semi trailer for sale

The stock on basworld.com consists of a varied selection of new and used open and flatbed semi-trailers. Every open semi-trailer for sale here has been thoroughly inspected in advance by our experts, so you are assured of a reliable purchase. A flatbed trailer is the simplest variant of all trailers, but you can still use it in many ways. For example, you can opt for sideboards to keep the load on the trailer and a hardwood floor that lasts longer. Here you will find open trailers from well-known brands such as LAG, Krone and Floor. You can select other options in the filters on this page.

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Information about Flatbed trailers

The stock of BAS World is large. We are sure of that. This also consists of a varied collection of flat trailers. The open trailers that are for sale with us are also called flat trailers. The open trailers for sale here have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a reliable purchase on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our open trailers? Then continue reading below.

Flatbed trailer for sale

Popular open semi-trailers that you will find here, among others, are of the following brands:


What is a flatbed trailer?

An open trailer is also called a flatbed trailer. It is one of the simplest trailers, as it almost always consists only of a platform to transport vehicles, for example. Standard axles for flatbed trailers are always 8,000 kg or 9,000 kg. With stronger platforms and axles from 10,000kg to 12,000kg you can use a trailer for special transport. That turns an open trailer into a flat low loader. In short, there are many different possibilities with a flatbed trailer.

Options for flatbed trailers

Because there are so many options for an flatbed trailer, there are also many options to choose from. Firstly, there are open trailers that are extendable. This way you make the trailer longer for long goods. In addition, you can also transport special transport with a stronger platform. A hard wooden floor ensures that the floor of the trailer does not wear out so quickly. This is especially common with heavy materials. Thanks to side boards, the load remains on the trailer. These side boards are often made of light aluminium and completely close off the flatbed trailer.

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