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    New and used MAN commercial vehicles for sale

    Be it for passenger transport, the construction site or for use by real professionals. MAN commercial vehicles and vans can meet any challenge. These all-rounders provide your company with a solution for almost any situation. With over 100 years of experience, that makes MAN a reliable business partner on the road. At, you can purchase many new and used MAN commercial vehicles. In our stock, we have the most popular models of MAN trucks and vans, such as the TGE. This commercial van is available with different engines and options. A double cab or dual-twin tyres are examples. This makes MAN commercial vehicles suitable for the most diverse purposes. Do you already know what you want? Use the filters on this page and find the commercial vehicle you are looking for.
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    Information about MAN Vans

    MAN commercial vehicles are similar to the Volkswagen Crafter. That's because these brands have a close working relationship. MAN has only one model in stock, and that is the TGE. This model is readily available in virtually all variations and builds. MAN TGE commercial vehicles excel in comfort and feature a luxurious cab. For example, the TGE is available as a closed van, a single cab with closed cargo box, a pick-up and as a chassis cab van. The latter can still be freely configured by the owner. At BAS World, you can purchase both used and new MAN vans and commercial vehicles. When buying MAN vans and commercial vehicles, thanks in part to the different lengths, you have many options for purchasing a suitable vehicle. Consider length and height combinations, such as L2H2 and L3H3. In addition, you can also buy an L1H1 second hand at BAS World. Do you want to find used MAN vans for sale? Then view our MAN vans and commercial vehicles for sale on BAS World. 


    The MAN TGE is more than just a commercial vehicle. In fact, the TGE offers a solution for almost any application. That's because the MAN TGE commercial vehicle is available in many variants. In doing so, it is possible to mount a variety of configurations on it. The MAN van can carry several tons and has a strong towing capacity. The TGE comes with an incredibly powerful engine from the factory. The internal combustion engine is available with four different horse powers. For example, the 2.0 TDI diesel engine is available with 100 HP, 120 HP, 140 HP, 160 HP and 180 HP. Also, in addition to the combustion engine, a version of the TGE with an electric motor is also available with the ETGE model. To complement your driving experience, you can choose a manual commercial vehicle or an 8-speed automatic from MAN.

    In addition to these factory engine options, it is also possible to have other options and accessories on the vehicle and have them fitted. For example, you can have LED lights, Bluetooth, Navi (navigation), air conditioning, cruise control and PDC (parking sensors) installed on your MAN TGE post-factory. The on-board computer of a new MAN TGE now includes Apple Carplay and is even easier to navigate, as well as operate, especially when it comes to music. It is also possible to have a tow bar installed. This can be done either at the factory or in our workshop. The tow bar is extremely powerful, which is partly due to the strong attachment. It can pull 3,000 kg.

    Depending on the power and the maximum payload, there are different MAN TGE commercial vehicles for you to choose from. For example, in the 3-ton class, there are the MAN TGE 3.100, MAN TGE 3.120, MAN TGE 3.140, MAN TGE 3.160, and MAN TGE 3.180. In the 5-ton class, there is the MAN TGE 5.140, MAN TGE 5.160 and MAN TGE 5.180. The model names detail the power. This means that a MAN TGE 3.180 has 180HP and a payload of 3 tons. And it is a full indication.


    In addition to a traditional internal combustion engine, MAN commercial vehicles are also available as electric versions. This electric version is also called the ETGE. This commercial van has a range of 130 kilometres, depending on the driving style, route and passengers in the vehicle. Thanks to the electric drive train, this car is emission-free and also extremely quiet. Thanks in part to its environmental friendliness, the ETGE is eco-friendly, and you can deliver and transport your cargo at all times. Like the TGE, the ETGE is available as a commercial van, Combi, tipper, and with a flatbed or closed cargo box.

    MAN TGE and ETGE Cabins

    The MAN TGE and MAN ETGE are available with different bodies. Thus, the following bodies are possible on both models: van, single cab, double cab, Combi and Minibuses. A MAN TGE van has a cargo area of up to 18.4 square meters, and thanks in part to its low lift threshold, this cab is easy to load and unload. The single cab has a body length option of up to 5,500 mm and offers a payload of up to 3.5 tons. Compared to the single version, the double cab has the ability to carry up to 7 people and also has several body options. The Combi configuration offers the possibility of transporting up to 9 people. The seating arrangement is flexible and, partly because of this, provides great comfort. The TGE Minibuses have room for up to 19 people and are available in three different versions: Intercity, Coach and City. Each of these three versions has its own distinctive application and use.

    Multiple MAN TGE commercial vehicles at BAS World

    Huge range of MAN vans online on

    No shortage of choice. At, you will find a diverse range of MAN commercial vehicles for sale. With so many different models to choose from, there is always a commercial vehicle in stock to fit your company's operations. MAN TGE commercial vehicles are often available directly from our stock, so inquire about options. The most common builds are:

    Used MAN commercial vehicles

    At BAS World, it makes no difference whether you're looking for new or used commercial vehicles. This is because we offer you a varied selection of both slightly used MAN commercial vehicles and brand new trucks and vans. Because of our diverse range, there is always a suitable MAN commercial vehicle for sale. 

    New MAN commercial vehicles

    Are you looking for a new MAN commercial vehicle? You can find these in stock at MAN's new commercial vehicles have a luxurious appearance and excel in comfort. Use the filters on this page to find new MAN van prices and details.

    MAN TGE Commercial vehicles in Black

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