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New and used Renault trucks for sale

Looking to buy a Renault truck or lorry? Then you have come to the right place at BAS World. At basworld.com, we have a large selection of new and used Renault trucks for sale. Renault trucks and lorries offer a solution for every situation. In addition, each Renault truck model has its own specialty. The Renault T, Premium and Midlum are the best-known models and are useful for a wide variety of purposes. In addition to various models, you can choose Renault trucks with different body types. Our stock includes Renault refrigerated trucks, concrete mixers and car transporters. Use the filters on this page to find your new or used trucks.
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Information about Renault trucks

BAS World's inventory is large and diverse. We can be clear about that. In fact, you will find a diverse collection of trucks and lorries for sale here. These include all the most popular models, such as the Renault D series and T series. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each Renault truck for sale before anyone can buy it on basworld.com. Want to know all the ins and outs about our Renault trucks? Then read on below.

Renault truck chassis and cabin builds

At basworld.com, you will find many options when it comes to the configuration and body of a Renault truck. The possibilities are virtually endless. That's as long as you know the purposes for which you are using the truck. Are you planning to dump and transport heavy materials? Then a Renault tipper is undoubtedly the best fit for you. Want to lift cargo in and out of the truck? Then choose a Renault crane truck. Other options at Renault include chassis trucks, box trucks, open cargo flatbeds and concrete mixers.

Renault tipper trucks

Looking for a dump truck for your construction site activities? Then choose a Renault. This truck is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows the cargo box and loading platform to tilt. All Renault tipper trucks feature Power Take Off. This feature gives the hydraulic systems the power needed to unload heavy loads. A special way to tip loads is to do so with a three-way tipper. With a Renault three-way tipper truck, this is possible.

Renault crane trucks

Renault offers different types of crane truck models, depending on the model and type of truck, and each is designed for specific needs and capacities. The structure of these crane trucks has been modified to ensure stability and safety during lifting. Depending on the specific model, Renault crane trucks have significant lifting capacities, ranging from a few to several tons. This wide range in lifting capacity is incredibly important for performing various lifting tasks. Renault's crane trucks are used for work in various industries, including construction, transportation, utilities and industrial projects. They play a crucial role in carrying out activities, such as setting up construction sites, loading and unloading heavy loads, and in specialised lifting tasks.

Renault curtainsider trucks

Renault trucks may also be equipped with sliding curtains. These types of trucks are also known as Tautliners. This is a specific type of transport vehicle that is widely used for transporting a variety of goods. This transport vehicle is equipped with a flexible curtain on the side, which offers you several advantages. The side curtains can be rolled up or slid to the side, which is what makes a curtainsider truck so unique. This feature allows workers to load and unload from the side, which is particularly practical for transporting large, long or unusual loads that cannot be easily loaded through the rear doors. The range of curtainsider trucks for sale is available in a variety of sizes and load capacities. The choice depends on the specific requirements of the transported goods. Our selection ranges from compact models for lighter loads to bigger trucks for larger loads, which are suitable for carrying large and heavy loads.

Renault trucks for sale at basworld.com

BAS World's stock is extremely varied. Besides various body styles, you can also find Renault trucks for sale in different trims and models on basworld.com. Each of them is suitable for a different situation. Renault's most popular models are:

Renault D

Since 2013, the French brand has been producing the Renault D series. This truck model is the replacement for an older model called the Renault Midlum. Although it is primarily designed for distribution, this truck offers many more configuration options. In addition, Renault trucks are very fuel-efficient. One of the more common versions of the Renault D is the Renault D 210 4x2, which comes in a box truck or curtainsider truck configuration. In addition, Renault versions with a hook lift system are also available. The hook lift version of the Renault D is ideal and practical for loading and unloading containers.

Renault C

Designed specifically for heavy-duty work, the Renault C is the successor to the Renault Kerax model. This construction model is made of hard components and is very agile on uneven and loose terrain. This Renault truck can be used with various components, such as a water tank system, container system or BDF system. As you can see, there are plenty of options.

Renault T

France's Renault truck brand also launched the Renault T in 2013. The predecessors of this model are the Renault Premium and Magnum. The Renault T is designed for (international) transport and is suitable for driving long distances. This model often compares to the Volvo FH. The T truck is the most popular model of the entire Renault series. The Renault T High is a variant of this and includes a comfortable sleeper cab.

Renault Midlum

The Midlum is a medium-duty truck used primarily for distribution transport and light industrial applications. This model from Renault falls in the weight class between 7.5 tons and 18 tons. Thanks to its versatility, the truck is still popular in sectors such as distribution, refrigerated transport and light construction work. Truck configurations can range from a standard closed box truck to dump trucks and tanker trucks. The Midlum was introduced in the year 2000. Later in 2006, it received new engines in the form of 5- and 7-liter engines. The Midlum was replaced by Renault's D series in 2013. Despite being replaced, the Midlum remains a popular choice because of its reliability, versatility and efficiency. Some common variants of this model include the Renault Midlum 220 4X2, the Renault Midlum 270 4X2, and the Renault Midlum 280 4X2. 

Renault Kerax trucks

This model is a heavy-duty truck designed for heavy and complicated construction and off-road applications. This model is known for its robustness and power, making it suitable for heavy duty tasks in different environments. For example, the Kerax's build quality is specifically adapted for carrying out work in tough and harsh environments, such as construction sites or mining areas. Thanks to its 4X4, 6X6 and even 8X4 axle configurations, this model is capable of excellent performance in tough off-road conditions. In addition to its focus on robustness and performance, the Kerax also distinguishes itself by featuring modern technologies, such as driver assistance safety and connectivity, but the specific features depend on the year the truck was produced. 

Renault Premium trucks

The Renault Premium range of trucks is aimed at both regional and long-distance transport. This truck line combines efficiency with comfort and was created for a wide range of transportation needs. The Premium model is equipped with efficient and powerful engines, often with a good balance between power and fuel efficiency. These engines meet European emission standards, such as Euro 5 and Euro 6, depending on the year of construction of the truck. One of the distinctive highlights of the Premium is its comfortable and spacious cabin. Designed with the driver in mind, these cabs are equipped with comfortable seating, high-quality driving and operating controls, and plenty of space, making it possible for the driver to comfortably take long trips. Renault has not only ensured that the Premium model meets emissions standards, but the brand has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Thanks to improved aerodynamics and the use of cleaner technologies, this truck ensures that a tank of fuel can last longer.

View new and used Renault trucks for sale

At BAS World, we have a large selection of used and new trucks for sale, including Renault trucks and lorries. It is possible to purchase various new and used vehicles from our stock. Thanks to our large inventory, there is always a Renault vehicle to suit your needs. For example, many different body types are possible, and there is also a wide range of axle configurations available, so we always have a suitable Renault on sale for you. Are you wondering which Renault is right for you? Then view our range of Renault trucks for sale on BAS World. 

New Renault trucks for sale

In addition to lightly used trucks, it is also possible to purchase new trucks from BAS World. For example, there are listings for multiple brands at BAS World, so you can also buy new Renault trucks. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right vehicle to suit your needs. Curious about all the possibilities at BAS World? Please inform our team or make an appointment to drop by BAS World in Veghel. 

Used Renault trucks for sale

At BAS World, we have a large selection of used trucks and second-hand Renault lorries for sale. If you want to buy a pre-owned Renault truck, you have come to the right place at BAS World. Can't find the right truck version, configuration or combination listed? If you want to get updates on new stock, create an account on BAS World so that you can get notified of special offers. 

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