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New and used Scania Tractor unit for sale

Scania is known for its famous V8 engines and is therefore the ‘king of the road’. Glad we have the Scania v8 for sale at BAS World! We have a variety of new and used Scania tractor units for sale. Scania offers a solution for every situation and each model has its own specialty. The Scania R series and Scania S series are the best-known models and are usable for both long and short journeys. You can find Scania trucks with different types of axle configurations, accessories and cabins. Use the filters on this page to find your Scania tractor unit.
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Information about the Scania Tractor unit

BAS World's stock consists of a large collection of tractor units. Including Scania tractor units. There are different models, types of cabins, configurations and other accessories of Scania for sale. Our Scania tractor units are thoroughly checked before the Scania trucks are available for sale at the BAS World platform. Want to know all ins and outs about Scania trucks and their models? Please continue reading below.

Scania tractor unit for sale

BAS World's stock is very diverse. We have different Scania models available, each with its own purposes. Both new Scania tractor units and used Scania tractor units are available at BAS World.


Scania V8 for sale

Scania is known for its famous V8 engines. Through a combination of the sensation of power and the unmistakable sound, drivers feel like the ‘king of the road’. A lot of Scania tractor units are equipped with a V8 engine. When this engine was introduced in 1960, it was the strongest diesel in Europe. Over the years, the engine has undergone various developments as a result of strict environmental standards.The popular and powerful V8 Scania trucks are available at BAS World.

Scania Tractor unit for sale

Scania R

If you are thinking of long-haul transport, the Scania R-series is your ideal partner. A distinctive feature of Scania is its focus on driver comfort, a luxurious interior and a spacious cab. Fully focused on giving the driver his 'second home' on the road. Do you need to transport heavy cargo? Thanks to the Scania V8 engine, the tractor units have an output of 770 hp. Finally, the various sleeper cabs ensure that you will get the rest you need on the road. There are several Scania R tractor units, such as: Scania R450, Scania R490, Scania R500, Scania R520 and the Scania R770. Click here to see all Scania R at BAS World.


Scania S

The Scania S series is very similar to the R series, but even more powerful. S-series raises the stakes in long distance comfort for every truck driver. With a spacious cab and luxury interior, this Scania is definitely a king on the road. Especially with the popular Scania V8 engine. It makes the tractor unit stronger, faster and smoother than ever before. The S-series tractor units can also have a power output of up to 770 hp. There are several Scania S tractor units, such as: Scania S450, Scania S500, Scania S520, Scania S580, Scania S590 and the Scania S770. Click here to see all Scania S at BAS World.

Scania P

Scania P series are optimized for the city. These small distribution tractor units are ideal for multiple uses. For example, loading and unloading cargo to supermarkets and shops, delivering parcels to people's homes and for removals. The outstanding view in the tractor unit ensures you can see every walker, cyclist and car. There are several Scania P tractor units, such as: Scania P340 and the Scania P380. Click here to see all Scania P at BAS World.

Scania G

Looking for a strong Scania model for construction work? The Scania G-series is the perfect model for that. This tractor unit is made from hard compounds to handle every situation. Rough terrain, heavy duty and uneven terrain are no match for this powerhouse. Within the G-series, Scania combines this strength with its signature high level of comfort for the truck driver. The Scania truck can be used for various purposes, including transport. There are several Scania G tractor units, such as: Scania G400, Scania G410, Scania G440 and the Scania G490. Click here to see all Scania G at BAS World.

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