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New and used Walking floor Semi trailer for sale

The stock on basworld.com consists of a varied range of new and second-hand walking floor trailers. Every walking floor semi-trailer for sale here has been thoroughly inspected in advance by our experts, so you are assured of a reliable purchase. A trailer with a walking floor automatically slides bulk goods and pallets out of the trailer. The walking floors do this step by step and can even slide in the other direction to load again. A walking floor is often loaded at the top and unloaded at the back. Here you will find walking floors from well-known brands such as: Kraker, STAS and Knapen.

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Information about Walking Floor trailers

The stock of BAS World is large. We can be clear about that. This also consists of a varied collection of Walking Floor trailers. The walking floor trailers for sale here have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a reliable purchase on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our walking floor and moving floor trailers? Then read on below.

Walking Floor trailer for Sale

Popular walking floor trailers that you will find here, among others, are of the following brands:


How does a walking floor semi-trailer work?

A walking floor, also known as a moving floor trailer, can easily unload its load in three steps. With its sliding panels, the movable floor can load and unload more efficiently than normal box trailers. The panels on the floor consist of several groups. The sliding panels in a walking floor slide in groups from the back and the front. This will push the load forward. The hydraulic floor can also often go the other way. This not only makes unloading easier, but it also makes loading very convenient.

When do you use a walking floor trailer?

A walking floor trailer is regularly used to load bulk goods at the top and unload them at the back. A walking floor is very versatile, different types of loads are, for example: compost, wood, raw materials and waste products. Nowadays you can also transport pallets and other large packages with a walking floor. Just like the bulk goods, these are pushed forward slowly and safely. Special options that you can think of are: remote control, electric tarpaulin, wear plates and side doors.

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