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    New and used MAN trucks for sale

    Looking for a new or used MAN truck or lorry? You'll find them here at, where you can choose from a huge selection of new and used MAN trucks for sale. In our stock, we have all the most popular models of MAN trucks for sale, such as the TGX, TGS and TGA. These models are available with different body styles. For example, we have MAN tippers, crane trucks, curtainsider trucks and more types of lorries and trucks. This makes MAN trucks useful for a wide range of purposes. Do you already know which new or used truck you want? Then use the filters on this page to find it.
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    Information on MAN trucks

    It's obvious that BAS World's stock is large and diverse. Here, you will also find a diverse collection of MAN trucks for sale. These include the most popular truck models, such as the MAN TGS and TGX. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect each MAN truck before we offer it for sale on Want to know all the ins and outs of our MAN trucks? Then read on below.

    MAN TGA trucks for sale

    The MAN TGA was introduced in the year 2000 and is intended to be the successor to the MAN F2000 series. The TGA is designed for long-distance hauling as well as heavy hauling. As a result, the TGA is available in different variants and in multiple configurations in order to meet the needs of truck owners. For transportation and construction companies, this makes the TGA everyone's friend. 

    MAN TGS trucks for sale

    At MAN, I talk about a wide range of TG series trucks. The MAN TGS is, of course, one of them. The German brand MAN began producing this model in 1999. This truck is an absolute all-rounder and is, therefore, available with many different bodies. It comes equipped as a dump truck, box truck, concrete mixer or container truck. With this model, you can go in almost any direction. For example, in addition to a 6X2 and 4X2 axle configuration, you can also choose a 6X4 axle configuration. An example of a more common MAN TGS variant is the MAN TGS 26.440. This model is a 26-ton MAN truck with a 440-hp engine.

    MAN TGX trucks for sale

    The MAN TGX is the heaviest type of truck from the German brand MAN. This truck model has a high payload, and the combination of a powerful engine makes it ideal for international transport. Thus, heavy transport over long distances is no match. The MAN TGX also belongs to the TG series, which has been designed and produced since 1999. Due to the focus on long-distance hauls, some versions of the TGX also allow for a SleeperCab cabin on both trucks and trailers. The TGX is available with a 4X2, 6X2, 6X4 and 8X4 axle configuration, depending on specifications and in which sector the truck will operate. 

    MAN TGM trucks for sale

    Another model from the TG series is the MAN TGM truck. This model is an all-rounder, just like the TGS lorry. MAN is, therefore, also targeting all common work activities with this model. Still, people often use the MAN TGM as a box truck aimed at distribution work. That makes international transportation a possibility for this model. Besides this distribution work, the MAN TGM can also be used as a strong 4X4 on construction sites and for transport in places that are difficult to reach due to certain conditions. 

    MAN TGL trucks for sale

    The MAN TGL is a light- to medium-duty truck type designed for distribution, urban transport and (light) construction activities. The weight class of the TGL falls between 7.5 and 18 tons. Despite this weight, the TGL is equipped with an efficient and environmentally friendly Euro 6 engine. These Euro 6 engines are available in different power levels. MAN has invested in reducing emissions from the TGL series and offers alternative powertrains, such as electric and hybrid variants, to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. The TGL series can be adapted to various applications through different chassis configurations, container options and other modifications. For example, it is possible to obtain the TGL in a box truck form with a liftgate. An example of this version might be the MAN TGL 12.220. This is a 12-ton MAN truck with a 220-hp engine.

    MAN truck chassis builds

    At, you will find many options when it comes to the chassis and body of a MAN truck. The possibilities are endless. It really is, as long as you know the purposes for which you will use the truck. Are you planning to transport heavy goods? Then a MAN box truck will undoubtedly suit you best. Do you intend to lift the load in and out of the truck? Then choose a MAN crane truck. Other options at MAN include: single chassis, curtainside trucks, box trucks, flatbeds or tippers.

    MAN box trucks

    There are certain licenses you must obtain to drive a box truck. With a class C1 driver's license, you can drive box trucks from 3.5 tons to 7.5 tons. Do you have a class C driver's license? Then you can drive a MAN box truck or lorry over 7.5 tons. Lighter versions of up to 3.5 tons are not considered trucks but commercial vehicles. For that, a regular car license (B) is sufficient. The most common box truck model at MAN is the TGM.

    MAN tipper trucks

    This type of truck is designed to transport and unload various materials, such as sand, gravel, grit and other construction materials. Tippers have distinctive side or rear tipping functions, making it as efficient as possible to unload the materials being transported. MAN tippers are mainly used in construction and mining. They are known for their strong construction and long usability. 


    BDF stands for ''Wechselbrücken-Fahrzeug,'' which means interchangeable bridge vehicle. The construction of this type of truck is designed to allow the carrying of interchangeable containers or other bodies. MAN BDF trucks equipped with this system are extremely flexible, as the truck can be quickly converted into whatever it is transporting since it is easy to unload and load.  

    MAN flatbed trucks 

    MAN flatbed models are extremely suitable for transporting large and heavy loads that do not easily fit into an enclosed space. Examples may include construction materials, machinery and agricultural equipment, among others. This type of truck from MAN is known for its large payload and also the ability to adapt to the specific needs of its owner in order to match the transport as perfectly as possible, which helps to get work done efficiently. 

    Buying your perfect MAN truck

    At BAS World, we offer a variety of new and used MAN trucks for sale. Thanks to our large inventory, we can often provide our customers with a MAN lorry that really suits them. Browse the vast selection of used and new MAN trucks for sale on BAS World and find a new or used MAN truck that suits your needs. 

    Buy used MAN trucks

    At BAS World, you can buy used vehicles. If you want to buy a lightly used MAN truck, then at BAS World, you are also at the right place. View our range of used MAN vehicles for sale on BAS World, or make an appointment and drop by our location in Veghel. Can't find the right truck version, configuration or combination listed? If you want to get updates on new stock, create an account on BAS World so that you can get notified of special offers. 

    Buy new MAN trucks

    In addition to lightly used trucks, there is also a large inventory of new trucks and lorries for sale at BAS World. For example, there are promotions for multiple truck brands at BAS World, so you can also buy new MAN lorries and trucks. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right vehicle to suit your needs. Curious about all the possibilities at BAS World? Inform our colleagues by phone or WhatsApp, then make an appointment to drop by BAS World in Veghel. 

    Sell your MAN trucks

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