Marius Berliet built the first truck in 1906. Later, this company would grow into a renowned brand: Renault Trucks. A large number of models have been released over the years. Today Renault excels with the Renault T, K, C and D. These trucks all have a modern and economical Euro 6 engine. In this way, a high efficiency can be achieved per mile driven.

Axle configurations

A Renault tractor can be delivered in several configurations. Because no transport order is the same, every customer has his own wish. The most commonly chosen configuration is 4x2. For grip, you can also choose for a 4x4 configuration. The steering axle is also powered. For large, heavy or special transports a customer can choose for 6x2, 6x4 or 6x6.

Truck of the year

Renault won the prestigious ‘truck of the year’ award in 2015 with the Renault T. With its innovative design on the inside and outside, Renault beat the competition. In addition, performance in the areas of safety, driving quality, CO2 emissions and total cost of ownership were decisive for the jury. The T also performed high in terms of driving comfort.

What does a (new) Renault tractor unit cost?

The price of a Renault tractor unit strongly depends on the age and mileage, the model and the engine. At BAS World you can buy a Renault tractor starting from € 10,000. Are you looking for a young used model with low mileage? These models are for sale for about € 30,000.