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    New and used Iveco commercial vehicles for sale

    You can carry out the daily operations of your business together with an Iveco commercial vehicle. With this vehicle, you have found your business partner for efficient and sustainable transportation. At, you can buy a variety of new and used Iveco commercial vehicles. Iveco commercial vehicles offer a solution for every situation. The Iveco Daily is the best-known model, and it is suitable for a wide variety of purposes. For example, you can choose an Iveco commercial vehicle with various bodies, such as Iveco tippers, Iveco car transporters and Iveco box trucks. Use the filters on this page to find your ideal commercial vehicle.
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    Information about Iveco Vans

    Are you looking for an Iveco commercial vehicle? BAS World's stock is large and varied, so there is bound to be something for you among the many options. For example, Iveco's best-known models are also featured. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect each Iveco van for sale before it is listed for sale on Want to know all the ins and outs of the Iveco commercial vehicles in our inventory? Then read on below for more information on Iveco van models.

    Iveco Daily for sale

    At, you can find the Iveco Daily van. The Iveco Daily is available for a wide variety of purposes. To name a few ideas: it can be used as a dump truck, bucket truck, refrigerated truck, van, chassis cab, aerial platform and so on. First introduced in 1978, the Daily series is now on its fourth generation Iveco Daily. This fourth-generation Daily is the successor over its predecessors. So a Daily is the perfect commercial vehicle for daily heavy-duty work. The Iveco Daily can be equipped with a 2.3-liter diesel or CNG engine and a 3.0-liter diesel engine. The Daily is also available with an automatic transmission, DAB radio and cruise control. It is also possible to have a tow bar attached. With this hitch, you can transport even more with your Daily.  

    Looking deeper into the Iveco Daily, particularly at the numbers in the model designation, we can see that an Iveco Daily 35C15 box truck represents an Iveco Daily 35C15, which has 150 HP and can carry or transport 3.5 tons. For example, an Iveco Daily 35C16 box truck is a 160 HP commercial vehicle with a tail lift, and an Iveco Daily 35C15 150 HP box truck may carry 3.5 tons in this configuration.

    Multiple Iveco commercial vehicles at BAS World

    Various Iveco vans for sale

    No shortage of choice. At, you will find a diverse selection of Iveco commercial vehicles. With so many different models to choose from, there is always a commercial vehicle in stock to fit your company's operations. Iveco commercial vehicles are often available directly from stock, so inquire about options. The most common builds are:

    Iveco commercial (closed) vans

    Are you looking for a van of a certain length (L) or height (H)? BAS World has several Iveco delivery vans in all shapes and sizes in stock. As a result, the vans can be used for package delivery as well as transportation. These are available in double-cab or dual-tyre versions. Thanks to the different sizes, for example, an L2H2, it is possible to have extra loading due to the extra length and height. Also, a van may have a 3-seat bench seat in the front. This allows three people to get from A to B in their respective seats. 

    Iveco box vans (3.5t)

    An Iveco box van is ideally suited for heavier work. This is due to the strong and robust materials on the vehicle. This is why many people choose Iveco. Iveco box vans are considered small trucks, making them the workhorses for your business. These vehicles are equipped with a tail lift, which makes it easy to load and unload cargo. This version of the Daily with a tail lift allows for easier loading and unloading, thanks to the rear lift. This makes loading a heavier load a much lighter job. 

    Iveco chassis cabs (3.5t)

    With an Iveco chassis cab, you really can go in any direction. For example, you can haul materials relatively easily and can use the Iveco for multiple purposes; think of tippers, aerial work platforms or cargo boxes. That's because of the ladder frame construction that the Iveco has. Thanks in part to this relatively simple ladder chassis design, Iveco has made it possible to make the same vehicle suitable for multiple industries. In addition to the aforementioned specifications, a chassis cab can be built with a crane, refrigeration or sliding curtains, making it the commercial vehicle for entrepreneurs.

    Multiple Iveco Daily commercial vehicles

    Huge range of Iveco vans online on

    Iveco commercial vehicles are made for rugged work. Some Iveco commercial vehicles are also called small trucks. Therefore, because Iveco is so suitable for heavy-duty work, people often prefer these trucks and vans. The Italian brand from Turin, whose name stands for Industrial Vehicle Corporation, introduced its first commercial vehicle in 1978: the Daily. To this day, Iveco still produces the Daily, and different shapes regarding bodywork and the cab are also possible. For example, it is possible to buy a tipper truck as well as a Daily with sliding curtains. In addition, Iveco also offers an electric version of its commercial vehicles. 

    Used Iveco commercial vehicles

    Whether new or used, it doesn't matter at BAS World. We offer a diverse range of both used Iveco commercial vehicles and brand new vehicles. Buying a second hand Iveco Daily at BAS World is certainly possible. Thus, BAS World has several Iveco commercial vehicles and vans on display, and our advisors are happy to look with you and discuss options to help find a vehicle that best suits you. Check out our selection of Iveco van prices listed on our website.

    New Iveco commercial vehicle 

    New Iveco vans and commercial vehicles are available in all variants, bodies and sizes. Therefore, the selection as BAS World will leave nothing to be desired. The many features of the Iveco Daily are what make this model so unique and versatile. Use the filters on this page to find new Iveco commercial vehicles.

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