New and used Crashtender Trucks for Sale

A crash tender, also known as a fire truck, extinguishes any fire. The vehicle is mainly used at airports. BAS World has a huge range of new and used crashtenders for sale. The crashtenders in our stock are from the biggest brands. To name a few; Kronenburg and Ziegler. These trucks are available in different models, configurations and options. For example, the most common configuration is the 6x6. This configuration ensures that the truck can handle any terrain. Thanks to its driven axles. In fact, more powered axles lead to better grip on any surface. Use the filters on this page if you are looking for a specific crashtender.

Information about Crashtender Trucks

BAS World's stock consists of a large collection of crashtenders. Including the biggest brands of crashtenders. Our experts inspect each crashtender thoroughly before they can be bought on