Open box Light commercial vehicle

With a light open side LCV, you can transport various kinds of products. Due to the lack of sideboards or a ceiling, it is easy to load from all directions. The metal sideboards are removable, which ensures usability. Mercedes, Ford and Renault are known for their open side LCV vans. BAS World always has a wide range of open box vans in stock of various construction years and manufacturers.

Manufacturers and options

Besides Mercedes, Ford and Renault, also Citroën and IVECO manufacture open side LCVs. Vehicles in this category can be equipped with a number of options. For example a double cabin, towbar, crane, removable sideboards or cruise control. With a double cabin, a significant amount of persons can ride along. This can be a huge advantage compared to a regular cabin with less seats.

What is a open-box van suitable for?

This type of vehicle is exceptionally suitable for the transport of bulk raw materials, tools or garden waste. This has to do with loading on all sides. This makes loading and unloading considerably faster.

How much does an open-box van cost?

The price of an open side LCV depends on the mileage and construction year of the vehicle. BAS World always has a wide range of open side LCVS of different manufacturers and ages. You can already buy an open side LCV for €10,000. The price of a new van is around €30,000.