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    New and used Volvo trucks for sale

    Looking to buy a new or used Volvo truck? At, you can choose from a huge selection of new and used Volvo trucks for sale. We have the most popular models of Volvo trucks in our stock, such as the FH16, FMX, FH and FM. These models are available with different body styles. For example, we have Volvo tippers, crane trucks and curtainsider trucks. This makes Volvo trucks and lorries useful for a wide range of purposes. Do you already know which new or used truck you want? Then use the filters on this page to find it within our range of trucks.

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    Information about Volvo trucks

    BAS World's stock is undoubtedly great. Within it, you will also find a diverse collection of used Volvo trucks for sale. These include all of the most popular models, such as the Volvo FH16 and FMX. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each Volvo truck for sale before anyone can buy it on Want to know all the ins and outs of our Volvo trucks>

    The history of Volvo trucks

    In 1928, Volvo's first truck rolled out of the company's factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. This Volvo model, the Volvo LV Series 1 4x2, was a solid foundation for a successful formula, leading to Volvo's stellar reputation in the trucking industry. By constructing a sturdy chassis structure and a reliable engine, Volvo was ahead in advanced technology, which contributed to the truck's durability and reliability. Decades later, Volvo is still a leader in advanced technology, for example, from a safety standpoint. 

    Chassis and cab configurations at Volvo trucks

    At, you will find many options when it comes to the chassis and body of a Volvo truck. The possibilities are virtually endless. As long as you know the purposes for which you will use the truck. Are you planning to dump and transport heavy materials? Then a  Volvo tipper is undoubtedly the best fit for you. Is the intention to lift the load in and out of the truck? Then choose a Volvo crane truck. Other options at Volvo include flatbeds, swap bodies, refrigerated trucks and container systems.

    Volvo trucks for sale at

    BAS World's stock is extremely varied. In addition to different bodies, Volvo also offers various models of trucks. Each of them is suitable for a different situation. Volvo's most popular models are:

    Volvo FMX truck

    The Volvo FMX  was introduced by Volvo in 2010 and stands for Forward control Medium Xtreme. You can go in almost any direction with this model. Whether distribution, long- and short-haul, or construction work, it makes no difference. In practice, the Volvo FMX is used primarily for construction work. That's because the FMX truck is a tough machine.

    Volvo FM truck

    In 1998, Volvo launched the Volvo FM model in a number of variants. At the time, for example, these variants bore the names FM7 and FM10. This was due to the truck's engine power. Since 2005, Volvo no longer uses numbers after the FM to indicate engine power. Today, the FM is a versatile truck, but it is mainly used for distribution. For example, this truck model is available as the Volvo FM 450 6X2 and the Volvo FM 420 6X2. These two versions have the same axle configuration but two different engine powers. This model is also often used as a chassis truck. When it comes to how they want to build the car, this build offers great flexibility for the owner. This makes it possible to build on the truck as a dump truck, tanker truck, refrigerated transport, fire truck or even as a base for an RV camper. 

    Volvo FH truck

    Volvo FH stands for Forward control High entry. The name says it all, as this truck has a high step. Volvo introduced this model in 1993, and it has since become one of the most successful trucks worldwide. The Volvo FH is used for (international) distribution and exceptional transportation. The high entry and comfortable cab makes it easy to perform these kinds of jobs. Some of the more common truck configurations with the FH include the Volvo FH 540 8X4 and Volvo FH 500 6X2. These trucks with 540 HP and 500 HP, respectively, can handle almost any job that you need to carry out due to their powerful engines. 

    Volvo FE truck

    The Volvo FE is a type of lightweight truck from Volvo that focuses mainly on distribution transport and light construction transport. This truck model sits exactly between the Volvo FL and FM. It is stronger than the FL but not as powerful as the FM. The FE was introduced in 2006 and is also available as a hybrid truck. The hybrid engine enables it to drive more economically in the city.

    Volvo FL truck

    Need a truck for rapid distribution traffic? Then Volvo has the perfect model for delivering goods over short distances. The Volvo FL is Volvo's smallest truck and fits on almost any road or street. Volvo introduced the FL in 1985, which stands for "Forward-control" and "Low-level Cab. The most common types of bodies for an FL are refrigerated trucks and box trucks. Some of the more common FL variants at Volvo are the Volvo FL 210 4X2 and the Volvo FL 250 4x2. These trucks are distinguished by engine power. For example, the FL 250's engine power is 250 HP, and the FL 210's engine power is 210 HP. The powerful engines in these compact trucks ensure that trips in the lorry are a pleasant journey and that the driver can get from A to B in comfort. 

    Buying new or used Volvo trucks for sale

    At BAS World, we have a large selection of Volvo trucks. It is possible to purchase various new and used vehicles from our stock. Thanks to our large inventory, there is always a Volvo truck for sale that meets your needs. For example, many different bodies are possible, and there is a wide range of axle configurations available, so we always have a suitable Volvo for sale. Are you looking for a specific truck, but the one you want is not listed? Then create an account on BAS World and get notified of new offers or ads that match your search. 

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