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New and used Box trucks for sale

Trucks with a closed body, also called box trucks, are used mainly for distribution and transportation in inner cities. These closed-body box trucks and lorries must be agile and meet inner-city emissions standards. At basworld.com, you will find a diverse range of new and used box trucks for sale. Our inventory of box lorry trucks for sale includes the most popular brands, such as DAF, Mercedes and MAN. Popular lorry models include the DAF LF, Mercedes Atego and MAN TGL truck. Are you looking for special options or features for your box truck, such as a refrigerated box truck with PTO (power take-off) or a retarder? Use the filters on this page to find a box truck that suits your operations and view our range of box trucks and lorries. 

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Information about box trucks

The selection of box trucks on basworld.com is large and diverse. All major truck brands and lorry models are represented. Our team of consultants and experts thoroughly inspect each and every used or new box truck before anyone can buy it on basworld.com. Want to know all the ins and outs of our box trucks? And are you curious about what driver's license you need for certain types of lorries? Then read on below.

Box trucks with a liftgate for sale

A box truck is available with a tailgate or tail lift and (side) doors. For distribution or delivery, box trucks with a liftgate are the most popular selected option. Indeed, this type of lorry allows delivery drivers to easily load and unload their goods or packages from the box truck. The weight that can be lifted depends on the type of tailgate, and the most common weights are 1,500 pounds, 2,000 pounds, 2,500 pounds and 3,000 pounds. Some tailgates are equipped with roll-off protection. This feature prevents containers from rolling down the liftgate. Well-known brands of tailgates include the DHollandia liftgate and the Pallfinger tailgate.

Box truck driving license

All box trucks and box trailers are available in different sizes and weights. That means you are not allowed to drive just any box truck. In fact, for heavier box trucks, you need a different driver's license than the lighter versions. See here for an explanation of all the options within this category.

Box truck C1 driving license

With a C1 driver's license, you can drive box trucks that weigh between 3.5 tons and 7.5 tons. If you drive these types of box trucks professionally, you are required to apply for code 95. These box trucks are also called medium-duty box vans and trucks.

Box truck C driving license

For box trucks between 3.5 tons and 50 tons in weight, you need a C driving license. This rule applies not only to a box truck but to all trucks and lorries of this weight. These kinds of box trucks are also called a small lorry or truck.

Box truck B driving license

Box trucks that weigh less than 3.5 tons are no longer included in this truck category. These light body trucks now belong to the commercial vehicle category. You do not need a special driver's license to drive one of these commercial vehicle box trucks. An ordinary car license (B) is more than sufficient.

Box trucks for sale at basworld.com

Popular brands of box trucks and box lorries on sale:

Mercedes box truck for sale

Mercedes Benz offers an impressive selection of used trucks and lorries that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. All box trucks are designed with attention to detail, making them ideal for various transportation needs. Whether for distribution, logistics or freight transport, Mercedes box trucks deliver outstanding performance. With advanced technology and innovative features, these vehicles set new standards in the transportation industry. The combination of powerful engines and a robust chassis makes Mercedes box trucks the perfect choice for business owners looking for quality and durability when buying new and used trucks. 

Volvo box truck for sale

Buying a box truck is a wise choice when you choose from Volvo's impressive selection. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for a powerful freight transport solution or a logistics professional who values performance, Volvo box trucks offer it all. With advanced technology, fuel-efficient engines and a focus on driver comfort, these box trucks meet the highest standards. Invest in the future of your transportation business and experience unmatched quality with a Volvo box truck.

Renault box truck for sale

Discover the versatility of Renault box trucks in their wide range of lorries and truck trailers for sale. Renault is known for innovation and reliability, and these attributes are reflected in their box trucks. Whether you're looking for a solution for distribution or freight transport, Renault's box trucks and lorries offer a balanced combination of performance and efficiency. With modern features, advanced technologies and a focus on sustainability, Renault sets the standard in the market. Invest in a Renault box truck and experience the quality these trucks have to offer.

DAF box truck for sale

Discover the robust power and reliable performance of the DAF box trucks currently available for purchase. These trucks and lorries embody DAF's commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you're looking for an efficient freight or distribution solution, DAF box trucks offer unmatched performance on the road. With advanced technology, powerful engines and rugged design, these vehicles are specially designed to meet the challenges of the modern transportation industry with ease. Invest in a DAF closed box truck now and experience the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

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