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    New and used Concrete pump trucks for sale

    Concrete pump trucks are used to move concrete from mixers to hard-to-reach locations. At, we offer a variety of new and used concrete pump trucks for sale. Our range of concrete pump trucks includes lorry brands such as Mercedes and Renault. The most popular truck models are the Mercedes Actros and Renault Midlum. Are you looking for special options and features on your concrete pump, such as a PTO or retarder? Use the filters on this page to find a new or used lorry with a truck-mounted concrete pump that suits you.

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    Information about Concrete Pump Trucks

    Our stock of concrete pump trucks represents popular and reliable lorry and truck brands, such as DAF, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Iveco and Renault. The truck-mounted concrete pumps in our range include Cifa, Schwing, Putzmeister, Mecbo and Sermac.

    Concrete pump truck axle configurations

    When transporting concrete or used in combination with a concrete pump, the most commonly found truck configurations are the 8X4 and 6X4. These powerful combinations are necessary so that the truck can be used to pour the many tons of concrete easily, efficiently and often in hard-to-reach areas. When transporting a load, sites that are usually difficult to reach, such as construction sites where concrete structures of bridges, dams or stadiums are being built, become a lot more accessible in this way. Thanks in part to its powerful drive, construction sites are no longer a difficult destination. In these configurations, depending on the total number of wheels, at least two or four wheels are driven to enable the transport of the concrete. 

    The differences between transporting concrete using conventional methods versus using a concrete mixer truck.

    The concrete pump has a long hydraulic arm, also called a boom pump, which it uses to pump concrete directly from the mixing facility to the desired location on a construction site. This arm allows the mortar to be moved from one location on the site to another. This allows the long hydraulic arm to reach high floors of a building or over obstacles. As a result, these trucks and lorries often save a lot of time and space. That means a concrete pump truck is a lot more efficient for this type of project. A concrete mixer truck, on the other hand, is the vehicle that transports the concrete to a construction site and makes it mix by machine. Concrete mixer trucks have a drum that keeps the concrete moving to ensure that the concrete does not harden. 

    Pumping capacity of concrete pump trucks

    A concrete pump truck itself does not have a loading capacity or a drum. However, the concrete pump on a lorry has a pumping capacity. The capacity of a concrete pump truck varies greatly by the model and manufacturer. Typically, the capacities of these vehicles start at about 20 cubic meters per hour and can go up to 90 cubic meters per hour for the smaller, more mobile variants. These types of trucks are mainly intended for smaller projects or for working in places that are difficult to reach. On the other side of the range are the larger concrete pump trucks, designed for the most challenging and extensive projects, which have significantly higher pumping capacities. For large-scale projects, truck models are available with various capacities, ranging from about 90 to as much as 150 cubic meters per hour, and some exceptional lorry models even reach capacities of 200 cubic meters per hour or more, depending on their configuration and the efficiency of the pumping system. This high capacity of the truck makes it ideal for large construction projects that require fast and effective concrete movement. It is important to consider what purposes the concrete pump truck will serve and what size projects it will run.

    Trucks with concrete pumps for sale

    Within the inventory we offer, we have several makes, models and types of concrete pump trucks for sale. Depending on the size and specifications of the truck or lorry, there are many options to choose from. Some of the most common vehicles within the concrete pump truck category are the MAN TGS, Volvo FMX 450, Mercedes Arocs 4142 and Mercedes Actros 3241.

    View our range of concrete pump trucks at

    At BAS World, we have a wide, changing selection of trucks for sale, including used and new lorries. Thanks to this large and quickly changing range, there is always a new or second-hand concrete pump truck that matches your search. Is the lorry or truck you want with all your desired options not currently listed? Create an account on BAS World, enter your search query, and be notified of new incoming stock and truck offers on saved searches. 

    Buy a new concrete pump truck

    At BAS World, we have a wide selection of used pump trucks in addition to a large number of new concrete pump trucks. Aside from many different models, we also have many brands and different types of concrete pumps with mounts on the truck. Use the selected filters to explore our range of new concrete pump trucks for construction work. Have you perhaps found the appropriate vehicle, or do you need a little more information about cost or features? Our colleagues are at your service. Contact us or make an appointment to stop by our BAS World Store in Veghel, where you can view all kinds of concrete boom trucks.

    Buy a used concrete pump truck or lorry

    It is also possible to purchase a used concrete pump truck from the fleet experts at BAS World. For example, we offer concrete pump trucks from Volvo, Renault, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and others. Our colleagues are available to provide you with additional information and to help you find a truck that best suits your business purposes. Whether you're looking for compact trucks or heavy-duty lorries, our specialists will find the perfect truck to suit your requirements.

    Sell your concrete pump truck

    Sell your concrete pump truck from your location, through the BAS World store or directly to BAS World.

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