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    New and used Mini excavator for Sale

    Buying a mini excavator? Then BAS World is the right place for you. Because not every garden or street is big enough for a 75-tonne excavator, there are mini-excavators on the market that do such work. A mini excavator always weighs less than 10 tons. Mini excavators are designed to excavate and move smaller amounts of material such as sand, soil, stones, or rubbish. We have several mini excavators for sale in our stock. Both new and used mini excavator. (Mini) excavators that you will mainly find in our stock are from popular brands such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi, Komatsu, Doosan, Case and JCB.
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    The mini excavators at BAS World always weigh up to 10 tons. They are smaller, more manoeuvrable, and useful for work in the garden or city. BAS World has these mini excavators in stock. The mini excavators for sale with us have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a fair price and reliable purchase. Buying a mini excavator? And no idea what to look out for? Then read on below for more information.

    Mini excavator brands

    At BAS World you will find the world's most popular brands of mini diggers. Here you will find both new mini excavators and used/second hand mini excavators. Read here which brands they are:

    Second hand mini excavators for sale

    Mini excavator for sale

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient mini excavator for your construction or excavation work in hard-to-reach places? At BAS World you will find an extensive range of mini excavators of different makes and models. But what is a mini excavator and what should you pay attention to when buying a mini excavator? We describe that below.

    What is a Mini Excavator?

    Mini excavators are the smallest excavators that we have in stock at BAS World. All excavators under a weight of 10 tons fall within this category. A mini excavator is small, compact, and much easier to transport than large excavators. They are therefore ideal for construction and excavation work in confined spaces. These machines are therefore widely used by gardeners, road workers and contractors. In combination with a demolition hammer or sorting grab, the machine can also be used for demolition work and sewerage work.

    Hydraulic functions of a mini excavator

    Like all other excavators, mini excavators can be equipped with various hydraulic functions. A mini excavator with hammer function (HP function) ensures that the excavator is able to break and remove stones, concrete or other hard materials. A hydraulic hammer can be connected to this and can therefore be useful for demolition work. A mini excavator with hammer and rotation function (HP+MP function) can also pick up material in addition to demolition. By connecting a grab to the arm of the mini excavator, for example, a grab can rotate 360 degrees. Finally, some mini excavators have a quick-change function. This allows you to easily change attachments.

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