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New and used Commercial vehicles for Sale

At BAS World you can choose from a huge range of new and used commercial vehicles for sale. The commercial vehicles in our stock, are from the best-known brands like Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Volkswagen, Renault and many more. Each brand has its own models and superstructures. Popular models are for example the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Opel Vivaro, Volkswagen Transporter and Iveco Daily. Are you looking for a special superstructure on your van such as a tipper van or box van? Use the filters on this page to find it!
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Information about Commercial vehicles

BAS World's grand stock consists of a large collection of commercial vehicles en vans. Our vans are from the biggest brands and are thoroughly checked before being offered for sale. Want to know all ins and outs about commercial vehicles, their models and superstructure? Please continue reading below.

Commercial vehicles in our stock

The stock on basworld.com is very diverse. With many different brands and models, there are always commercial vehicles in stock to suit your company's activities.

Commercial vehicles for sale

Popular models of commercial vehicles

Each brand has its own models. Ford's best-known models are the Transit and Transit Custom vans. For Mercedes, the Sprinter and Vito vans are the real powerhouses. Other popular models are the MAN TGE, Iveco Daily, Volkswagen Crafter, Volkswagen Transporter, Opel Vivaro and Renault Master.

Vans for sale

The stock on basworld.com consists of commercial vehicles with different bodies and options. That means we have many vans for sale. Important options to consider before buying or leasing a commercial vehicle are:

Double wheel/tyres

Double wheel tyres are mainly used for heavy-duty driving. Double wheel means that the rear tyres have an extra rear tyre to cope with heavier loads or drive more stably with a trailer. With double tyres, the commercial vehicle can weigh up to 5,000 kg and still drive with a B licence. It is technically a returned small truck.

Double cabin vans

A double cabin van can be used to transport several people and also have a closed or open body on the back. So you have a van with three seats (single cab) but also a van with five seats (double cab). A van with six or seven seats is the maximum allowed with an open/closed body. Our stock includes the Opel Vivaro double cab, Ford Transit Custom double cab and VW Transporter double cab.

Length/height commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles are available in different sizes in terms of length and height. For this purpose, the combination L (length) and H (height) is used. The exact dimensions differ per manufacturer/brand. To get an idea of the possibilities per size, we give you some examples. L1H1 is the smallest version, these commercial vehicles are often used privately or for city traffic. The L2H2 is most common for self-employed people such as a carpenter or painter. L3L2 are typical vans for delivery drivers. And finally, the L5H3/L4H2 size is a true company van for couriers; these are the largest and longest commercial vehicles.

Vans with tail lift

Commercial vehicles, vans or box vans often have a tailgate. This is not always the case though; sometimes the body can be opened at the sides by using a door. When there is a tail lift , there is a choice of certain weights the tail lift can handle. Tail lifts weighing 750 kg are the most common, followed by tail lifts weighing 1,000 kg. Tail lifts have independent brands, of which DHollandia is a popular one. Our stock also includes most vehicles with a DHollandai tail lift

New and used Vans

At BAS World, everything is taken care of for you from A to Z. After purchasing a commercial vehicle, we can make your vehicle fully roadworthy so that you can start working for your company right away.

New commercial vehicles

BAS World is known for having many new and used commercial vehicles in stock. You can find an up-to-date overview of our vans at basworld.com. Our stock includes popular models such as the new Ford Transit Custom, new Volkswagen Transporter and new Mercedes Sprinter. All vans in our BAS World Store can be viewed at our location in Veghel, The Netherlands. Please make an appointment with one of our advisers. However, vehicles of our BAS World partners are only offered online. They can be located at places all over the world, which makes it difficult to view them in real life. Yet we have good news. At basworld.com, you will find an eight-minute HD video of each vehicle and twenty-five HD photos. So you can get a razor-sharp picture of the commercial vehicle.

Commercial vehicle leasing

Prefer to lease a company car? It's easy to arrange that on basworld.com.. Find the commercial vehicle or van you would like in the filters on this page and select the vehicle. There, you can make a lease request for the respective vehicle without any obligation. BAS World offers you all leasing options through partnerships with various partners in the Netherlands. You can conclude a lease contract directly for all commercial vehicles from our stock.

Brands of Commercial vehicle

BAS World's stock is filled with the world's most popular brands of commercial vehicles. Each brand has its own models that can be used for different purposes.

Mercedes Vans

Mercedes-Benz vans are among the most luxurious and comfortable commercial vehicles on the market. Mercedes' strongholds, with which they achieve this, are the globally known models, such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Vito and Citan. In fact, they really drive like passenger cars: pleasant, comfortable and agile.

Ford Vans

Ford developed a commercial vehicle and van for every type of work. This resulted in some iconic models, such as the Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom, Ford Transit Connect and Ford Transit Courier. Ford is known for commercial vehicles with a sporty look, of which the Ford Transit Custom Sport version is the perfect example.

Renault Vans

When you think of Renault, people often think of French comfort. In addition, these commercial vehicles and vans have efficient fuel consumption. This which makes driving costs relatively lower than its competitors. They are also often available at an attractive purchase price.

MAN Vans

MAN has only one model: the MAN TGE. Designed in collaboration with Volkswagen, this model is very similar to the Volkswagen Crafter. The versatility of the MAN TGE basically knows no limits. In fact, this commercial vehicle is available in many variants.

Iveco Vans

Iveco vans are specially made for hard workers. These commercial vehicles are also known as small trucks in practice. Iveco has only one model, which is the Iveco Daily. This model is extremely versatile as it is available in almost all versions.

Volkswagen Vans

Volkswagen owns some well-known models. The Volkswagen Transporter and Caddy have been around for years and are used for both work and private purposes. There is also the Volkswagen Crafter which can be used for multiple purposes.

Sell your commercial vehicle

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