Brands of semi-trailers

There are many different manufacturers of semi-trailers such as Schmitz, Kögel, Krone, Talson, Knapen, Van Hool, Feldbinder, Van Eck, Pacton, Benalu, LAG, EKW, and Kässhohrer. In addition to these brands, there are countless other manufacturers. BAS World always has a large stock of used semi-trailers in stock from different brands.

Types of semi-trailers

Most trailers are designed to transport a specific type of good. Because of the diversity within the transport industry, there are many different types of trailers, including open trailers, curtainsider trailers, closed trailers, refrigerated/freezer trailers, container chassis, silos, walking floors, tank trailers, tipper trailers and car transporters. Every trailer is made for a specific type of cargo. Due to the unique design of a walking floor, loose goods can easily be unloaded, for example.

Options for semi-trailers

Trailers can be equipped with countless of optional features that, for example, speed up or ease the loading/unloading. Trailers are often equipped with a lift axle, steering axle, tail lift, sliding roof, coil trough, pallet box, sliding wall, roller tracks, cooling system, remote control, steel floor, aluminum superstructure, ADR or side door. Trailers can also be fitted with a double evaporator or be ATP/FRC certified. This type of certificate is required for conditioned transport.

Price of a used semi-trailer

The price of used trailers varies widely. This is because the price depends on the condition, optional features and year of manufacture. In addition, the structure plays a major role. BAS World always has a large number of trailers in stock of different age and with different options. This means we have an ideal trailer in store for everyone. 

Leasing a semi-trailer

It is possible to lease your trailer at BAS World. We offer flexible lease terms between 24 and 60 months. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.