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    New and used Curtain Side Trucks for Sale

    A curtain side truck makes loading and unloading possible from the sides of your truck.  A curtainsider truck protects cargo from various weather conditions and is also called a curtainsider truck. A big load? Then you can even place an extra sliding curtain side trailer on the truck. In our range, you will find several new and used curtainsider trucks. Select your requirements in the filters and find a curtainsider truck that best suits your needs.

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    Information about curtain side trucks

    Looking for a truck with a sliding curtain? Then you've come to the right place at BAS World. All curtainsider trucks are pre-inspected by our experts before being offered on our platform. That way, you can be sure of what you are purchasing. Want to know all the ins and outs of our curtain side trucks? Then read on below for more information.

    Curtainside trucks for sale at

    A truck with a sliding curtain makes it easier to transport large loads. The sliding curtains, also known as side walls, can be completely retracted, which makes it easy to load indivisible cargo from the sides. In addition, a truck may also be equipped with a lifting roof and cab, which makes loading and unloading even easier.

    Axle configurations such as 4X2 and 6X2

    When considering purchasing a curtainsider truck, it is important to pay attention to the different axle configurations that are possible on a curtainsider truck. Here, you should consider which configuration best suits your specific work, for example. A frequently chosen and common axle configuration is the 4X2. It is popular due to its versatility. However, each transportation task needs a unique approach. For hauling larger, heavier loads or operating on difficult or rugged terrain, it may be necessary to choose a truck that has multiple drive axles. In this type of situation, a 6X2, for example, offers a solution. Here, in this case, the load is distributed over multiple axles, resulting in improved traction and a finer driving experience. Have you decided which configuration suits your work and needs? Contact our specialists so that you can be provided with suitable curtainsiders quickly. 

    Curtainsider trucks with a tailgate

    It is often possible to unload the cargo through the rear as well. In fact, sliding curtainsider trucks and box trucks can be equipped with rear doors or a locking tailgate. The weight that can be lifted depends on the tailgate. The most common weights are 1,500 pounds, 2,000 pounds, 2,500 pounds and 3,000 pounds. In turn, some tailgates are equipped with roll-off protection. This feature prevents containers from rolling down the tailgate. Well-known brands of tail lifts include DHollandia and Pallfinger.

    Curtainside truck brands

    The curtainsider trucks and box trucks in our selection are from popular brands such as used Iveco trucks, Renault curtainsiders, Mercedes lorries, DAF trucks, MAN, and more. Read more about the most popular curtainsider lorries below. 

    Scania curtainsider trucks for sale

    For example, some of the most popular Scania brand curtainsider trucks include the Scania R450 and the Scania G320. At BAS World, part of the offering consists of Scania curtainsider trucks. These are available with different axle configurations, such as the 4X2, as well as different engine powers. As a result, there are ample choices when purchasing a curtain sider truck to best meet your needs and activities. 

    Volvo curtainsider trucks for sale

    With the Volvo brand, you also have a wide choice of different models of trucks that have sliding tarps. For example, the FE, FL and FM variants are available as Volvo trucks with sliding tarps. Also, these models are equipped with different engine powers to meet the needs of its owner. 

    Mercedes curtainsider trucks for sale

    The Actros and Atego are some of the most well-known truck models available as Mercedes curtainsider trucks. These two models differ mainly in their purposes. For example, the Actros is designed for long-distance transportation and falls into the heavy truck category. The Atego belongs to the medium-duty truck category, with an eye toward shorter hauls and city trips. Both models have modern technology and safety systems and, in their own way, ensure that the required services are delivered to a high standard. 

    DAF curtainsider trucks for sale

    The DAF brand also offers trucks that feature sliding tarps. Some well-known models of DAF curtainsider trucks include the DAF LF and the DAF XF. These models are available with a 4X2 or 6X2 axle configuration. Depending on the use of the vehicle, for example, one of these configurations is selected. 

    Curtainside truck stock at

    At BAS World, we have a wide selection of curtainsider trucks, both used and new. Thanks to our wide and changing selection, there is always a new or used curtainsider truck that fits and meets your needs. Is there currently no combination listed that meets your expectations? Create an account on BAS World and be notified of new promos and offers on saved searches.

    New curtainsider trucks for sale

    It is possible to purchase new trucks from BAS World's wide range of curtainsider trucks. Have you found a suitable truck or lorry and need additional information about one of our vehicles? Our team is at your service. Contact us by phone or email and let one of our experts help you. Buying a new truck? Use the filters on the page to select new trucks and filter vehicles that meet your needs. 

    Used curtainsider trucks for sale

    BAS World offers a wide range of second-hand sliding curtain trucks for sale. In regard to sliding tarps, this stock has a wide arsenal of makes, models and options. Used curtainsider trucks typically have advanced options like cruise control, navigation and systems for your safety, such as a hydraulic retarder. 

    Tautliner trailer 

    In addition to used curtainsiders, it is also possible to purchase curtainsider trailers at BAS World. These sliding tarpaulin trailers, also commonly called Tautliner trailers, can be loaded in different ways, depending on their chassis. For example, there are chassis where the sides can consist of sliding tarpaulins and can be unloaded or loaded, as well as chassis where the top consists of a sliding tarp. The name came about thanks to the first makers of this type of truck, after which it became a household name in the transport world. 

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