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New to BAS World

Vehicle trading is challenging. Both for buyers and sellers. How can you buy or sell a vehicle knowing that you have the guarantee of payment and delivery? That's simple: use BAS World. We have a proven track record in both local and global trading and built on that experience. BAS World thus offers the easiest way to buy and sell vehicles and equipment worldwide. Read our story

Yes. And even better: we take the hassle out of vehicle trading and make it as easy as possible for you. Let us explain how and explore our selling solutions.

Yes, we ask you to do so – as the seller wants to know who’s buying. This way we keep transparent. Having a BAS World account offers you some advantages. You can save your favourite vehicles. In addition, you can create your own search if your vehicle is not in stock yet. You'll be notified as soon as a vehicle matching your criteria arrives.
Discover the possibilities of BAS World and create my account.
Do you have a new vehicle in mind? That's great. When you are ready to place your order, follow these steps. Fill in your details and choose your method of payment: in full or by advance. After we have received your payment, an authorised transport company will pick up your new vehicle.
Discover our stock More on how to buy

Using the platform

Please get in touch with our BAS World service desk. Our experts can help you with all your questions regarding account issues. Here you can find all contact details, please contact us.
Do you see a vehicle that sparks your interest? Save the vehicle to your favourites. In this dashboard you can easily see all your saved vehicles. This saves time and avoids having to search for the vehicle again. Plus it keeps you informed about the status of the vehicle.
Yes, we’ll do. You will receive regular updates by email showing newly available vehicles. Matching your preferences, of course.
That is simple: there is no limit. You can add as many vehicles as you wish.
Of course you can. BAS World takes all the hassle out of trading for you. For example, we can take care of shipping the vehicle for you. Having moved more than 100,000 vehicles from point A to point B, we are no strangers when it comes to transporting and shipping vehicles and machinery. Use our calculator on the vehicle page and get insights on the transport costs. Our advisers can tell you more about shipping.

Please note that different rules may apply to the import of a vehicle from one country to another. It is also important that you have verified all applicable customs fees and taxes. We recommend that you always seek advice from your local registration authority and customs office.
Have you selected a vehicle and filled in all the details? Great. After your payment has been received by our trusted payment provider, we will send you the available documents. An authorised transport company will then pick up your new vehicle or you can pick up the vehicle yourself. Prefer to contact us first? Sure, that is possible too.
Are you conducting a detailed search for a vehicle? It is possible to save this search in your BAS World account. This way, the search is preserved. With one click you will have it at hand again. Our system can also send you updates to inform you about newly listed vehicles that match the criteria of your Saved Searches. So you are always the first to know about a vehicle that meets your criteria.
We try to provide as much information as possible for each vehicle. You will find it all on the vehicle page. Still have questions? Then feel free to ask our advisers. Our team speaks over seventeen languages, so they can tell you all about the vehicle or machine at hand in your own language.

Yes, it is. We store all data securely and in compliance with EU laws and regulations. In particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read our privacy statement here.

Vehicle condition

Absolutely. Our experts inspect each vehicle from top to bottom. They also check specifications and registration documents. Therefore, you will always get an honest impression through the HD video and HD photos that we take of each vehicle. We can state: what you see is what you get. Read more about how it works.
BAS World guarantees a comprehensive and thorough inspection of both its own vehicles and those of external sellers. We present every vehicle on with an extensive HD video and 25 HD photos. Viewing the vehicle is therefore a thing of the past. However, vehicles in our BAS Word Store can be visited at our location in Veghel, The Netherlands.
The BAS World team checks the mileage entered to verify that it matches the actual mileage displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Please bear in mind that this is not proof that the mileage has not been changed at some point. You should always check for yourself if you can logically explain the mileage on a vehicle.
Please get in touch with our service desk as soon as possible and show that there is a mismatch. We will immediately contact the seller and start a procedure to check the best way to solve this.
For every vehicle listed on you will find an HD video and 25 HD photos. Would you like to see more? No problem. Please get in touch with our advisors. They will provide you with more information concerning the vehicle or equipment.


Are you going to pick up your new vehicle? Nice. Then always bring a power of attorney (POA) and identification papers.
Always contact your local registration office for advice. Mainly because the provisions depend on location.

Payment & Warranty

If the product delivered does not correspond to the advertisement, please contact BAS World within 48 hours. Your claim, its impact, and its value will be assessed by our specialist. If the impact or value of the deviation from the advertisement is significant, we will work with the supplier to find an appropriate solution.

BAS World cannot guarantee all possible defects that may not be visually detectable during inspection. Below are some possible solutions for claims that have been approved after assessment by our specialist:

  • 1. (Free) Return of the product
  • 2. Financial compensation
  • 3. Delivery of parts

*You can still contact us after 48 hours, but the chance of compensation or an appropriate solution decreases as the product may have been used by the buyer after delivery.

Yes, most definitely. For example, the buyer transfers the money to BAS World and the seller receives payment once it has fulfilled all its obligations.
Only then is the money transferred to the seller. This automatically ensures secure transaction for both buyer and seller.
As the buyer, you are responsible for transferring the amount as stated on the sales contract. This also means that any local bank charges are your responsibility.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Payment for a vehicle always takes place before delivery. You pay directly to BAS World. This gives security to the buyer.
You will get your VAT deposit back after the required documents are signed and uploaded to the BAS World portal. The documents required depend on the country in which the vehicle is delivered.
You can find the definitive invoice in the BAS World portal. This document can be downloaded at any time.
The final tax invoice will be issued after the complete payment has been made. The total amount of the order will be invoiced by two parties, namely: • The additional services will be invoiced by BAS World (transport, shipment, transit plates and other). • The vehicle, possibly with services or goods from the seller, will be invoiced by the seller.
If you cancel the order, you will lose your deposit. Therefore, be sure of the purchase before placing the deposit.
Always include the reference number of the vehicle in the description of your payment. This number consists of 8 digits starting with 70 (e.g. 70135798). Make sure you use the correct reference number to avoid delays or inconveniences.
Here you can find BAS World B.V.'s bank payment information:
  • IBAN: NL93RABO0160816718
  • Account number: 160816718
  • Swift-code: RABONL2U
Please make sure to add the correct reference number in the description to avoid delays or inconveniences.
Do you have a new vehicle or machine in mind? Nice. There are several ways to finance it. The team at BAS World will gladly think with you to make financing possible. Please enquire about leasing options at [email protected].
BAS World offers several payment options:
  • Ideal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Bancontact
  • Belfius
  • Giropay
  • Manual bank transfer


Just contact [email protected] and provide the correct address. Our team will be happy to change your delivery address for you.
You can find all the details about the transport of your new vehicle in the transport confirmation e-mail. Do you still have questions? Please contact BAS World or the relevant transport company.
The delivery address can be changed until you receive the shipping confirmation. After that, it can no longer be edited. So please make sure you provide the correct delivery address in time.
Do you have questions about the status of the transport? Please contact the BAS World transport department at [email protected]. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer live tracking during transport.
In many cases, yes. It depends on the country, of course. As each country has different import rules. Contact your local customs broker for information on possible taxes and surcharges.
The Bill of Lading (BL) is prepared as soon as the vehicle is en route to the delivery location. We will inform you and you will receive the BL as soon as it is complete.
Each port has its own rules and customs. To find out exactly what applies to the designated port, contact the port itself or the transport company.
With transit plates, the vehicle is insured through a third party. Liability insurance is insurance for damage to others. Always check whether such insurance is sufficient. In case you use transit plates, these vehicle should not be loaded.
Vignette and toll regulations vary from country to country. Check the requirements online or at the border of each country you are driving to. This way, you will not face unnecessary surprises.
For international transport of vehicles, it is necessary to prepare a CMR document. Here is an example of a complete CMR document: CMR proof of delivery.
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