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New and used Construction equipment for Sale

Are you looking for new or used construction machines and equipment? At BAS World you will find an extensive collection. Buying a machine can sometimes be difficult, especially since there are many types of construction equipment on the market. That gives one big advantage, there are always new or used machines that suit your work situation. Think of global manufacturers such as Volvo construction machines, Liebherr construction machines, Cat construction machines, Hyundai construction machines, Hitachi construction machines, among others. In addition to brands, you can also buy various construction equipment. Think of excavators, loaders, rollers, rough terrain cranes, forklifts, bulldozers and so on. All construction equipment is thoroughly inspected before being offered for sale on basworld.com. Select your wishes in the filters and find the construction machine that suits you.
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Information about Construction Machinery

The stock of equipment, tools and construction machines from BAS World is huge. The HD photos and HD videos give you an honest picture of the condition of the machine. Do you want to know all the ins and outs about the different types of construction equipment? Then read on below.

Machinery brands

At BAS World you will find the world's most popular brands of construction equipment. Here you will find both new machines and used/second-hand machines. We have the following brands in stock:

Construction equipment for sale

Used construction equipment

Are you planning to buy used machines or equipment? Then take a good look at the working hours of a machine. You can see the condition of most vehicles by the number of kilometres made, but that is different with construction machines. How many hours a construction machine can make depends on many different factors. The type of machine, its age, condition, and the surroundings the machine will face are crucial.

CE marking machines

What is a CE marking? And why is a CE certificate so important on construction machines? In Europe, certain products/product groups revolve around safety, health, and environmental protection. Construction machines therefore also fall under this category. And the CE mark is issued by the manufacturer of a construction machine after it has been established that the machine complies with all European directives. The CE marking on machines therefore serves as proof that the product can be legally traded on the European market. When a construction machine has a NON-CE mark, it may not be used in Europe. Finally, in America/Canada they have an EPA marking. This mark was created for enforcing environmental law in both countries. A construction machine with an EPA certificate therefore meets the environmental standards.

Construction Equipment on BAS World

Looking for a construction machine? Then you've come to the right place. Many new and used machines can be found within this category. We have listed the most popular below. Click on the links for more information about a specific construction machine.

Shovel / Loader

A shovel, also known as a wheel loader or loader, is used to move large amounts of sand, soil, gravel, stones, or rubble with a hydraulic bucket attached to the front of the machine. Shovels can be steered in several ways, namely: full steering, joystick steering or half steering. The most common brands of wheel loaders in our stock are from Caterpillar, Volvo and Liebherr.


A bulldozer or dozer can be used to move large amounts of sand. That is slightly different from a shovel where it can be loaded into a container. By shifting the sand, a bulldozer flattens the surface and can raise the sand. Suitable for reinforcing dikes, for example. With a ripper at the back, you can tear up hard pieces of soil. Caterpillar and Komatsu are the most common brands in our inventory.


Rollers, also called soil compactor, are used to smooth the ground. These construction machines are most used for asphalt, concrete, clay, gravel, sand, and soil. Within this category you can choose between a tire roller with rubber rollers/drums or a vibrating roller consisting of steel rollers/drums. Bomag, Caterpillar and Ammann are the most popular brands.


To transport large amounts of rubble, mainly over short distances, a dumper is ideal. The most common rough terrain dumpers are articulated dumpers, also known as ADT (articulated dump trucks). For mining, a rigid dumper is the best option. These construction machines often drive in grooves and on flat surfaces. Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu are the most popular brands.


You will find many construction cranes in our stock. Do you really need to go high in the sky? Then the cranes in our stock are ideal. Rough terrain cranes and all terrain cranes are ideal cranes for robust and high work. Popular brands of these are Terex and Liebherr. Finally, aerial work platforms and telehandlers are most suitable for work that is slightly lower. Caterpillar, JCB and Manitou are the most common cranes in our stock.

Farm equipment

In addition to construction machines, BAS World also offers a large stock of agricultural machines and farm equipment. These agricultural and farm machinery include, for example, new and used tractors, manure spreaders and much more. Our farm equipment and agricultural machinery are from the most popular agricultural machinery brands. Think of John Deere, Fendt, Claas, Deutz-Fahr and New Holland.


There is a huge difference within the excavator category, which is why we put this group under a magnifying glass. This is due to the different makes, models, tonnages, and activities. Whether it is a small excavator, large excavator, hydraulic excavator, electric excavator, or wheel excavator, you will find all types at basworld.com. Read below which excavators fall into this category. Click through to the relevant page for more information.

Excavators and machinery for sale

Track Excavator

A track excavator is perhaps the most common construction machine on the market. These excavators are extremely suitable for moving and excavating large quantities of soil, stone, sand, and other loose material. Track excavators come in four different sizes: mini (0-10 tons), midi (10-20 tons), regular (10-20 tons) and large (36-90 tons). The most popular brands of crawler excavators in our stock are from Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi and Hyundai.

Mini Excavator

All excavators weighing less than 10 tons fall within the category of mini excavators. A mini excavator, also known as a mini digger, does not protrude or hardly protrudes and can therefore work in the narrowest locations. For example, a mini excavator is ideal for gardeners, road workers and contractors. Caterpillar, Kubota and Takeuchi are the most common brands of mini excavators in our stock.

Wheel Excavator

A wheel excavator is nothing more than literally an excavator with wheels. Many hydraulic functions are therefore the same as with a track excavator. However, a wheel excavator is a lot more mobile. With this type of construction machine, you often see stabilizers that ensure that the excavator stays in place. Volvo, Liebherr and Caterpillar are the most popular brands of wheeled excavators in our stock.

Backhoe loader

A backhoe loader, also known as a backhoe loader combination, is an excavator or loader where there is often a telescopic arm at the back of the vehicle. This gives a backhoe loader two functions, making it multifunctional. The buckets of a backhoe loader are replaceable for different jobs. Caterpillar, JCB and New Holland are the most common brands of backhoe loaders in our stock.

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