New and used Curtainsides Semi-trailer for sale

Curtainsider semi-trailers are intensively used within the transport sector. Therefore, there are many different manufacturers on the market. These semi-trailers do not have fixed walls, but sails. This allows the trailer to be easily loaded and unloaded from both the rear, side and even from the top. Curtainsider trailers from the Schmitz, Kögel and Krone brands are the most popular. BAS World always has a wide range of different curtainsider semi-trailers in stock.

Brands and models

Besides Schmitz, Kögel and Krone, Kässbohrer, Fliegl, Wielton, Tracon, Renders, Van Hool, Berger, Cimc, Fruehauf, Floor and Groenewegen are also known for their curtainsider semi-trailers. Curtainsider semi-trailers can be fitted with various options, such as a mega chassis, sliding roof, lifting roof, loading ramp or pallet boxes. Some trailers also have a special coil gutter, lift axle or steering axle.

What are curtainsider semi-trailers suited for?

Curtainsider semi-trailers can be loaded and unloaded from the side and top due to their design. This makes them extremely suitable for quick loading of goods. Yet they are also suitable for many other tasks such as transporting long or large objects.


Curtainsider semi-trailers are often referred to as "tautliners". This is only partially correct. Tautliner is a brand of British manufacturer Boalley. They produce sliding tarpaulin trailers in which the tensioners are mounted in a unique way, which make it very easy to load the trailer sideways.

What does a curtainsider semi-trailer cost?

The price of a curtainsider semi-trailer depends on a large number of things such as the year of manufacture, any options and its external condition. At BAS World you can already buy a curtainsider semi-trailer for €3,200. Do you want a new trailer? Our new units sell for about €20,000.