Sell your semi-trailer in a way that suits you

We have three solutions. Choose your favourite.

1. Sell your semi-trailer from your own location

Vehicles remain at your location

You clean and prepare the vehicles yourself

Our experts carry out a professional inspection on site

Our online sales team will sell your vehicles

No cure, no pay: costs only follow after sale

Highest market price: you sell directly to the end user

See solution 1

2. Sell your semi-trailer from the BAS World Store

Potential buyers can see your vehicles at our location

We clean and prepare your vehicles

You can get up to 70% advance payment

Our on- and offline sales team will sell your vehicles

One-stop-shop for buyers, with services like: parts, tyres and lease

See solution 2

3. Sell your semi-trailer to us

Get a fair trading price

We pay you instantly

It requires zero effort from you

See solution 3

How can I sell my semi-trailer online on BAS World?

Selling your used or second-hand semi-trailer has never been easier. Choose the solution that suits you most and we will then guide you through every step of the way. Watch our video explaining our three solutions in detail.

Sell semi-trailers

Selling your semi-trailer is quick, easy and safe on Buyers know that they get what they see. Each semi-trailer is fully inspected HD photos and HD videos always give an honest picture of the vehicle's condition. Sellers choose the selling solution that suits them best. BAS World facilitates 100% secure transactions and handles transport worldwide. Discover the benefits of our trusted trading platform.

Over a period of sixty years, we developed from a local automotive company into a global player in the trade of new and used semi-trailers. We incorporated all our knowledge and experience in the development of BAS World thus offers the easiest way to buy and sell vehicles worldwide. Read our story
All vehicles on are verified, including all semi-trailers. Here’s what that means. Each vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by our independent experts. This holds true for everyone who sells vehicles via, both BAS World and external sellers. We give an honest impression of the vehicle's condition thanks to HD photos and HD videos. More on how to buy
We can imagine that old semi-trailer need to make way for new ones. That is why it is possible to trade in your old semi-trailer at BAS World. Take a look at our stock to see if there is something that suits you. Found something? Our team of advisers speak 17 languages and will be happy to help you on your way. Discover our stock
The trailers you can sell with BAS World include semi-trailers with the following bodies: tippers, curtainsiders, refrigerated, flatbed, container chassis and more. Choose the sales solution that suits you best, enter your details and sell your semi-trailer(s).
Certainty is important. We get that. Buyers choose their delivery point anywhere in the world. After they transfer their money to a BAS World trusted payment provider, we take care of the shipping. An authorised transport company will collect the vehicle. We then arrange payment to the seller. How it works for sellers How it works for buyers

Why sell my semi-trailer on BAS World?

Acting transparently

We believe in simplicity: clear communication, fair prices and mutual trust. That is why we take HD photos and videos of all semi-trailers to give you an honest picture. Our team of advisors speaks 17 languages. That makes communication easier, faster and reliable.

Sell semi-trailers safely online

Sell safely

BAS World is committed to providing sellers of semi-trailers with the highest level of trust. That's why you are assured Checked Specifications and Safe Deal, including secure payment and guaranteed delivery worldwide.


Get access to BAS World's huge international trading network. With our many years of international experience, we know exactly what it takes to sell and transport semi-trailers anywhere in the world.