Get Organised.

BAS World enables you to organise your used trucks sales operation and get in control of the entire sales process using our smart app and website:

Incheck app & incheck service

Advertising your vehicles online with complete specifications and the right photos and videos is essential. Our app helps you to register all specifications and take the right photos and videos - to make a professional impression on potential clients and to avoid receiving question on specifications. Yes, it does take 20 min to do a comprehensive professional check-in, but that easily pays itself back in a higher asking price and less time spent on answering questions.

Expert price advice

Setting the correct market price for the vehicle is incredibly important – Setting the price too low causes you to lose out on revenue, but setting the price too high will scare off buyers, increase the duration of the sales process and eventually result in a lower net revenue. That’s why BAS World pricing experts will perform an analysis to determine the fair market value of your vehicle by combining various data sources – This is not an automated process: BAS World staff will actually look at each and every vehicle! We produce a report with a recommended selling price – but of course you will choose at what price the vehicle will be offered and you can change that price whenever you like.

Stock management

Having a good overview of your used sales operation is a must. That’s why all vehicles you have checked in will appear in your BAS World dashboard (in the app and on the website), allowing you to see exactly which you have sold, which vehicles are still for sale, pricing, days online, number of offers, view on website, number of questions etc. – This will give you a very powerful overview of your entire stock at anywhere, anytime. Look at it on your desktop computer or whilst you’re are on the go – and adjust prices quickly and easily.

Background data check

Incorrect specifications can lead to questions and ultimately in cost if a vehicles appears not to be as described upon delivery. BAS World checks all vehicles – partly automated and partly by BAS World specialist – to make sure you won’t - accidentally - disappoint a buyer and face the financial consequences.


Sell Worldwide.

If you want to get the highest possible revenue for your used vehicles, you will have to reach as many end-users around the world. BAS World enables you to create this worldwide reach automatically and the tools to deliver vehicles with peace of mind to any destination worldwide.

BAS Client network

We’re opening up the unique BAS Trucks client network to all our BAS World sellers by sending your vehicles to relevant clients. By making use of the BAS Trucks client network, you will be able to reach clients that you cannot reach via marketplaces – and as your vehicles is offered through BAS World, these clients will have the confidence to buy from you – even at a distance!

Worldwide portals

Getting vehicles advertised on market places worldwide is essential, but a very time-consuming job. BAS World manages the entire process for you and can automatically put all your vehicles online after you check-in these vehicles on BAS World – and remove these vehicles once they are sold. You decide which market places to publish to and you will received one simple invoice for the cost. That’s how you can generate instant worldwide reach without any hassle!

Secure payment (coming soon)

So.. Reaching out to a worldwide client audience is easy with BAS World, but if you find a buyer on a different continent, you will also need the tools to sell to this buyer. That’s why BAS World has developed BAS World SecurePay to give any buyer the confidence to buy a vehicle on BAS World without having to worry about not getting what you paid for. How does it work? Simple: The buyer can pay to BAS World, who holds onto the money until the buyer confirms to have picked up the vehicle or that the correct vehicle has been shipped by the seller – after which the seller is paid.

Shipping assistant (coming soon)

Where BAS World SecurePay enables a seller to give any buyer around the world the confidence to buy, our shipping assistant helps you to get any vehicle shipped to the buyer. Our logistic specialists have contracts with all major haulage and shipping companies to organise and manage smooth delivery of your vehicle to the buyer anywhere in the world.


Make life easier.

When selling used vehicles to end users around the world, you want to use your time as efficient as possible to be able to focus on giving your buyers the best possible experience. BAS World offers you a selection of professional tools that help you to use your time as efficient as possible.

Communication centre

Wouldn’t it be great if all questions, offers and other messages would come together in 1 central dashboard – so all communication history is always visible for anybody speaking to clients? Well, this is exactly what we have built with the BAS World communication hub. Use this central communication hub with as many users as you like and communicate with your clients in a structured way with full information transparency across the team. You can even create price proposals and send order documents at the touch of a button!

Translation tool

Are you struggling to communicate with buyers that don’t speak you language? Don’t worry: BAS World communication centre allows you to translate any incoming message to the language of your preference – something that a buyer can do as well. This enables any seller to communicate with any client around the world quickly and efficiently.

Professional Service Desk

At BAS World we want to share our knowledge with our sellers to make the selling process as smooth as possible. We are also well aware that selling internationally to end-users will create a lot of questions from our sellers. That’s why we have created the BAS World service desk, a group of professionals that will help you with any question you may have regarding vehicle documentation, selling procedures or even shipping options