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    New and used trucks for sale

    At, we have a variety of new and used lorries for sale. The trucks for sale in our stock are from the most famous brands, such as DAF, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo and many more. Each lorry brand has its own models and features. Popular trucks for sale in the UK include the Mercedes Actros, Volvo FH, DAF CF and Scania V8. There are plenty of lorries to choose from when it comes to chassis and bodywork. To name a few on offer: Tippers, bucket trucks, crane trucks, container trucks, concrete mixers and car transporters. Are you looking for a special type? Use the filters on this page to find your truck. There are also options for leasing a used lorry from BAS World. Contact us for more information on leasing services and options.
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    Information about trucks

    BAS World's stock is large. We can be clear about that. We offer a diverse collection of new and used lorries for sale. Our dealer network includes vehicles from the biggest brands, including DAF, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Renault and more. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each vehicle before it can be purchased on Need help finding a new or used vehicle for sale? Then read on below to learn more. 

    Find new and used trucks with 4x2, 6x2 and 8x4 configurations

    Lorries offer a variety of configurations designed to meet specific needs and requirements. These configurations are mainly defined by the number of axles and wheels, which has a direct impact on the truck's payload, manoeuvrability and scope. For example, a common configuration is the 4x2, in which there are four wheels, two of which are driven. For heavier loads and better stability, consider buying a lorry with a 6x2 configuration, which has six wheels with two driven wheels. Another ideal option for very heavy loads is to buy a lorry with eight wheels, four of which are driven. 

    European vehicle standards for lorries

    European vehicle standards are key regulations in the European Union that set emission limits for vehicles, including lorries, semi-trucks and trucks. These standards are intended to improve air quality while reducing heavy vehicle emissions. Nowadays, all the latest trucks have Euro 6 on them, while used trucks can still be Euro 5 or Euro 4. If you want to buy a used lorry that can drive in inner cities, we recommend you always choose Euro 6. There are, in fact, more and more large cities that are making these vehicle standards mandatory. 

    Buy second-hand trucks from leading brands

    At, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of the world's most popular brands. Our trucks on sale include various vehicle brands, such as DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Renault and Iveco, all known for their quality and reliability. Find your new or used second-hand truck for sale and discover more about these leading brands on our website:

    How to buy a lorry

    Looking to buy a truck? When it comes to the chassis and body type, there are many lorries to choose from. Are you planning to dump or transport heavy materials? Then buying a tipper is undoubtedly the best fit for you. Do you intend to lift the load in and out of the vehicle? Then opt to buy a crane truck, which is one of the best options. It may be obvious: every situation requires a truck with a different, specific body. Here are some other examples of bodies: concrete mixers, bucket trucks, garbage trucks, container trucks and curtain-sided trucks. If you're looking to buy a used truck, you can read more about the different types of builds below.


    dump truck, also called a tipper or dumper, is mainly used to transport sand, gravel, earth, rubble, and other construction materials. The name of this vehicle basically says it all. They dump all your construction equipment by extending an electric hydraulic cylinder to dump the load. Are you looking to buy a dumper to transport, load and unload your construction materials? Then you are here at the right place!

    Container truck

    Buying a container truck is perfect for transporting containers. But there is definitely a difference in the disparate systems. For example, each container truck may have a different container system. For example, there are lorries and tractors with a hook-lift system, chain system, skip loader system or cable system. One system is deployed for smaller containers within the city, while other systems are made for cargo containers. Find used container trucks at

    Refrigerated truck

    refrigerated lorry, also known as a reefer or refrigerated box lorry, is used mainly for transporting food and flowers, for example. Therefore, many people almost always choose a refrigerated truck for deliveries within cities and towns. Buying a multi-temp refrigerated truck often offers a solution, as this way, you create different temperature zones within your refrigerated trailer. Find a used refrigerated truck today.

    Box trucks

    box truck is used for several purposes and is also known as a closed box truck or box van. Buying a bucket truck can be challenging. There are plenty of vehicle variations on offer. Consider buying a new or used bucket truck with a tailgate, different heights, or different weights. Fortunately, you'll find more than enough box trucks for sale at

    Truck body and chassis swap

    BDF outlet buckets are indispensable when it comes to loading and unloading containers quickly and efficiently. This is because BDF systems, also called BDF swap systems or body swaps, are easy to use. The lorry lowers in height, allowing it to drive under certain containers. Then, the trucks come back up to secure the container, and they can move on with the load.

    Open box truck

    An open truck, cargo box or open-body lorry is a pleasant and easy way to transport goods. You have a choice of rigid trucks with only an extended platform or, on the contrary, with a tailgate and borders along the side. This kind of lorry will protect your cargo. When the load is just too wide, consider buying a flatbed truck without collars.

    Different models of lorries

    It is often difficult to decide which work lorry really suits you and your business. Trucks are used for many different purposes, which is why there are so many models and designs. Below, we compare some leading models and their main differences.

    DAF XF, DAF LF and DAF XG Trucks

    The DAF XF and DAF LF are two completely different models of the original Dutch DAF Trucks brand. When it comes to heavier work, the XF (like the CF) is often used. DAF's newest model is the XG, which is a model optimized and often used for heavy-duty work and transportation. The DAF LF box lorry, on the other hand, is used mainly for distribution fleets within cities and towns. As such, the DAF LF is smaller than the XF and CF models.

    The Mercedes-Benz Actros vs. Mercedes-Benz Antos Truck

    You can use a Mercedes Actros for anything. This powerful Mercedes-Benz lorry can be used as a container or dump lorry with a BDF body swap. The Mercedes Antos, on the other hand, is used almost exclusively as a distribution truck to increase efficiency. You can think of enclosed box or refrigerated lorries. Other Mercedes models include the Atego, Arocs, SK and Axor.

    MAN TGS vs. MAN TGM Lorries

    The MAN TGS is the king of any industrial construction site. Therefore, it is most commonly used for heavy-duty work and construction jobs. The MAN TGM (and also the TGL) are primarily intended for distribution and transport. These lorries are extremely fuel efficient and emit few emissions when driving in cities and towns. Other MAN models include the TGX, TGA and TGL.

    Volvo FMX vs. Volvo FM Trucks

    The Volvo FMX is mainly used for heavy-duty jobs, such as construction work. Therefore, an FMX is often equipped as a dump truck, a concrete mixer or fitted with a crane. The Volvo FM, on the other hand, is suitable for many types of work. Indeed, an FM 420 is your all-around business partner. It is mainly used as a distribution lorry. Other models from Volvo include the FH, FL, FE, FH16 and FH500.

    Sell your Truck

    Sell your truck from your location, through the BAS World store, or directly to BAS World. Contact us to learn about our range of services and shop vehicles of all brands to suit your business. We buy and sell all kinds of new and used lorries and semi-trailers.