New and used Swap body trucks for Sale

A swap body system is an interchangeable body that can be easily separated from the truck. The truck can lower itself, so that the container can remain standing with its robust extended support legs. Conversely, you can fold the support legs back in and attach them to the truck with twist locks. Our stock of swap body systems includes the most popular brands, such as DAF, Mercedes and MAN.  The most popular models are the DAF XF, Mercedes Actros and MAN TGX. Select your wishes in the filters and buy your new or used swap body system truck.

Information about Swap body trucks

All trucks with swap bodies in our stock have been inspected by an entire team of experts before being offered for sale on BAS World. Trucks with these systems make your job a lot easier. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our trucks with swap body systems? Then continue reading below for more information.

How does a swap body system work?

Trucks with swap body systems in our stock are from popular brands such as DAF, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo and more. These systems are intended to quickly move and transport (sea) containers or other loading platforms. This is how such a system works:

Thanks to their construction, trucks with a swap body system can easily move and transport (sea) containers. A swap body can remain standing on its robustly extended support legs. A truck with this system can lower its superstructure and drive under the container. When the truck is underneath the container, the superstructure rises again so that the support legs of the container can be folded in. Finally, the (sea) container must be secured with twist locks. When that is done you are ready to go.

Sell your Swap body truck

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