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    New and used Tractor Units for sale

    Buying a tractor unit through BAS World is easy, safe and fast. In fact, we have a wide variety of new and used pre-owned tractor units for sale. Consider popular brands such as Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, MAN and more. Each brand has its own models and types on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you can choose from various types, configurations, Euro standards and other specifications. Well-known tractor units include the Volvo FH, Mercedes Actros, Scania V8 and DAF XF. Looking for a specific tractor unit for sale? Then use the filters on this page.
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    Information about Tractor Units / Truck Tractors

    BAS World's large inventory consists of a diverse collection of tractor units for sale from all major brands. That includes the biggest tractor brands. Our team of associates thoroughly inspects each vehicle before it can be purchased on That makes the vehicles on a lot more reliable.

    Cabs / Cabin

    When designing a cab, driver safety and comfort are essential. For truck drivers, this is their "office," and on a conventional tractor unit, it is located behind the engine, so the engine is accessible from the outside through the hood. When the cab is located above the engine, whether in front of or above the front axle, it is called a front steer. Each vehicle has a different type of cab. If you drive international transport, then a tractor unit with a sleeper cab is necessary. If not, a day cab is sufficient. Therefore, within international transport, people mainly drive with a sleeper cab. Also, driving with options such as a parking cooler is convenient for international transportation. This keeps the cab cool, even when you are not driving. The most well-known are the Volvo Globetrotter, DAF SpaceCab and Mercedes StreamSpace.

    Axle configurations: 4x2, 6x4 and 6x2 tractor units

    A truck's axle configurations determine how much weight you can carry behind your tractor. The more axles you have, the better the weight distribution. For heavily loaded transport and construction work, you will likely have more axles with more payload, such as a 6x2 tractor unit, 6x4 tractor unit or 8x4 tractor unit configuration. These are also ideal for tractor units with cranes or tractor units that need to haul heavy trailers. The 4x2 axle configuration is the most common and consists of two driven axles. A 4x2 tractor unit is used primarily for distribution and transport. 

    Buy used tractor units for sale

    Most new or used vehicles can be divided into three general groups. Within these groups are standard tractor units suitable for specific activities and purposes. After all, no two trucks are the same, but there are often many similarities. In most cases, it can be divided into three groups. These are namely international transport, distribution and construction transport. In addition to brands, there are also many different models of all the European brands. For example, Volvo's best-known models are the FH and FH16 tractor units. At Mercedes-Benz, the Actros and Arocs tractor units are the star performers. Other popular tractor unit models include the DAF XF, Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX and TGS, Scania R-series, and Renault T High. The tractor unit brands you can find for sale at BAS World are:

    Huge range of new tractor units for sale on

    Nowadays, BAS World also sells many new tractor units. Think new tractor units from DAF, Mercedes, Volvo and many more! Because these tractor units are brand new, you are assured of the very best. Use the filters to find a new tractor unit, or call our sellers for more information. We are available in 17 languages to help you find the ideal tractor units. 

    The engine of a tractor unit

    Each tractor unit is developed based on a specific design. Fortunately, there are many options within engines that are the same. You can read these below.

    Euro standards, such as Euro 6

    A truck's Euro standard determines how clean an engine is. The cleaner the engine, the less pollution it has. Euro 6 has been the cleanest label in the market since 2014. By the way, this does not mean that the other Euro standards are no longer for sale. Each country has its own rules for the Euro standard. For example, a Euro 3 tractor unit may still be made and sold in Africa. In Europe, however, there are specific rules about the Euro standard. Indeed, vehicles with Euro 5 or lower are no longer allowed to be registered in Europe. Old vehicles already registered in Europe are still allowed to drive, but countries can designate a restricted area in which they are not allowed.


    As with cars, you can choose to drive an automatic or manual tractor unit. Another option is a semi-automatic truck. A semi-automatic transmission comes in handy for heavy-duty work. With a semi-automatic transmission, you still have the three pedals, but there is no shifter. You can use the third pedal to control traction when driving. That's because heavily loaded trucks have different traction than tractor units with light loads. This is common with an 8x4 or 6x4 axle configuration, but it is less likely to be needed with a 4x2 tractor unit, for example.


    Used tractor units almost always run on diesel. Most of BAS World's inventory consists of these diesel trucks. In addition, some run on LNG. This is a liquefied natural gas that runs your truck engine. Finally, our stock has trucks powered by electricity. Electric vehicles are the latest on the market.


    Every Euro 6 engine has AdBlue. With Euro 6, this is mandatory. AdBlue is a non-toxic liquid that mixes with the exhaust gases in the engine. It breaks down unhealthy gases to create more clean gases. This converts diesel exhaust gases into nitrogen and steam.

    Accessories and Options

    Each tractor unit has different functions and accessories. BAS World sells tractor units with the following options, among others:


    A PTO stands for power take-off and is part of a truck's gearbox. This places power from the engine to the vehicle's equipment. A pump variant transfers its power to support the hydraulics of a tipper, for example. A flange variant, on the other hand, uses the truck's power to crank the air compressor. In practice, a PTO is used for specific applications, such as construction work. In fact, it is not used for daily trips such as transportation.

    Retarder or Intarder

    Retarders and intarders are used to support the braking system. These use an air system to brake a truck's transmission without losing brake pressure. This comes in especially handy with heavy trucks. Retarders and intarders have specific advantages. Thus, the brake does not get too hot, and the normal brakes of the heavy load are spared. This application can be very useful in countries with many mountain roads.

    Parking A/C

    A parking air conditioner is an addition to a truck's air conditioning system. Parking coolers are used to keep a truck's workstation at the proper temperature during downtime. This is particularly interesting for international transport. After all, these trucks are often busy loading and unloading cargo. Are you looking for separate stand air conditioners? You can find them at

    Security options

    Tractor units have several on-board safety options. In addition to promoting safety, these options also make your driving experience a lot better. Safety options on a tractor unit include adaptive cruise control, driver alert support, lane assist, blind spot cameras and forward collision warning systems.

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