Already in 1928, the first Volvo Truck was built. Volvo Group is now the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe. The headquarters of Volvo is in Sweden, but the trucks are manufactured in more than 18 countries. They now manufacture more than 200,000 tractor units and buses a year.

Axle configurations

Volvo tractor units are available in different axle configurations. The most common configurations are the 4x2 and 4x2 mega. If you need more axle load, you can choose the following configurations: 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 10x4. The more wheels there are on the road the less axle pressure per axle. The maximum axle pressure is determined by law. By choosing a Volvo tractor unit with more axles you can take more cargo with you.

Electric trucks

Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer to start selling all-electric trucks on a large scale and worldwide. Tesla is trumped by this. The electric tractor units that Volvo sells are mainly focused on urban transport. Production of the lighter Volvo FL Electric started in 2019. Volvo also comes with the heavier version, the Electric Volvo FE. This tractor unit has a load capacity of 27 tons. At the moment BAS World does not have any electric trucks in stock.

What does a (new) Volvo truck cost?

We have Volvo tractor units in all price ranges. Often prices start already below € 10,000. These are of course tractor units with high mileage on the counter. So what you will eventually pay for your vehicle depends entirely on your wishes.