DAF has been building trucks since 1949. After a series of different models, DAF introduced the DAF 95 XF in 1997. In the same year, DAF modernized the CF series. 5 years later in 2002, the XF95 was introduced, and 2012 DAF presented the latest version of the CF and XF, complete with innovative design and economical Euro 6 engines.

Axle configurations

DAF trucks are available in different configurations. Depending on the weight and type of transport you need more or fewer axles. Most trucks have a 4x2 configuration. For heavier transports, for example, you can choose a 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6 or 8x4 configuration. With more axles, a heavier load can be transported, because the load is distributed over several (driven) axles.

The new DAF CF and XF

The new DAF CF and XF have been chosen as ‘International Truck of the year 2018’. Innovations in the field of engines, gearboxes, and rear axles, among others, have greatly improved handling and the truck consumes even less fuel compared to competitors. According to the jury, the new DAF CF and XF will take the lead in the field of efficiency.

The price of a DAF XF or CF strongly depends on the mileage, age and other options such as the type of engine, retarder or heater. At BAS world you can buy a DAF starting at € 8,000. However, this is an older generation with many miles on the clock. Do you want to buy a new DAF truck? Expect prices around € 80,000.