Tipper Light commercial vehicle

Tippers are light commercial vehicles with a tiltable cargo box. This way bulk goods such as sand and stones can be easily unloaded. Well known manufacturers of tipper commercial vehicles are IVECO, Volkswagen, MAN and Ford. BAS World always has a large number of tippers in stock from various construction years and manufacturers.

Manufacturers and options

Besides IVECO and Volkswagen, also Peugeot, Citroën, Mitsubishi and Fiat manufacture tipper commercial vehicles. Tipper trailers can be equipped with various options to make cargo handling and operating the vehicle faster and easier. These options could consist of a rearview camera, air conditioning, navigation, towbar or double cabin.

What are tipper commercial vehicles suitable for?

These kinds of vehicles are exceptionally suitable for transport of bulk such as stones, wood, waste, soil and garden waste. Tippers are therefore used most often by gardeners for the removal of prunings and the like. Many tippers have removable sideboards. This allows for easy loading from the side. With the tipping function, the load can then be easily unloaded in seconds.

Tilt in 3 directions

A number of tipper commercial vehicles have a special system which allows the cargo box to be tilted in 3 different directions (both sides and rear). Therefore the cargo can be deposited in every direction. This increases the usability of the vehicle because manoeuvering the vehicle itself is not always an option.

How much does a tipper commercial vehicle cost?

The prices of tippers vary widely because it is strongly depending on the technical condition, construction year and included options. After all, a cargo box which can tilt in 3 directions is more expensive. BAS World always has a wide range of tipper commercial vans of different manufacturers and ages. You can already buy a tipper van for €7,000. The price of a new van is around €35,000.