Manufacturers and options

Next to Mercedes and Renault, brands like Peugeot, Citroën, Mitsubishi and Fiat are also known for their commercial vehicles. These delivery vans can be equipped with all kinds of options that make it either easier to use or more efficient. Some good examples of the various possibilities are air conditioning, navigation, rearview camera, parking sensors, automat, alloy wheels and sidebars. Besides these options, closed box vans can also be prepared with a tailgate or side door.

What are closed vans suitable for?

Closed vans are suitable for a large variety of transportation services. Because of the closed construction, the cargo is protected against theft and weather conditions. Therefore, this type of vehicle will be exceptionally suitable for transporting packages or tools. Often these kinds of vans are set up as a mobile workshop.


Closed vans are available in multiple shapes and sizes. The height and width of the loading space differs. Manufacturers use a combination of L(length) and H(height) to distinguish the vehicles. The following combinations are most common: L1H1, L2H1, L2H2, L3H1, L3H2, L4H2, L4H3 and L4H4. The exact dimensions differ per manufacturer. Our sales representatives will be able to assist you in choosing the right model.

How much does a closed van cost?

The price of a closed van is strongly dependent on the condition of the vehicle, mileage and available options. After all, a young vehicle is more expensive than an older one. However, the younger model will also have a longer life time. BAS World always has a wide range of different commercial vehicles with varying ages and mileage. You can already buy a closed van from BAS World for €3,000. The price for a new van is around €20,000.