Brands and models

Every brand has its own models. The best-known models of DAF are the CF and XF. Volvo is known for the FH and FM and Mercedes has the Actros. MAN has three models: the TGA, TGS and TGX, Renault has the Magnum and Premium and IVECO is known for the Stralis.


A driver spends many hours a day in the cabin. When looking for a used tractor unit, this is often an important part. A cabin can be distinguished between a torpedo cabin and a front steering cabin. In a torpedo cabin, the cabin is located behind the engine so that the engine can be accessed from the outside through the bonnet. When a cabin is placed in front of or above the front axle, you speak of a front steering cabin. With modern tractor units, you can tilt the cabin to perform maintenance on the engine.

Each brand has its own names for different types of cabins. The Space Cab and Super Space Cab belong to DAF and Volvo have different types of Globetrotters. Mercedes mainly uses the names BigSpace and GigaSpace, IVECO is known for its Active Space cabins and Scania has the Highline and Topline cabins.

Axle configurations

The most common axle configurations for rear wheel drive tractor units are 4x2 and 6x2. If you would like a four-wheel drive tractor unit, choose a 4x4, 6x4, 8x4 or 10x4 configuration. If you need three axles that are all driven then you go for a 6x6 tractor unit.

Leasing tractor units

Many of our new and used tractor units can also be leased. We are dealer- and brand-independent and can always deliver customized solutions. We offer lease terms between 24 and 60 months.

Euronorm standards

Every tractor unit from the European Union has an Euronorm standard. The Euronorm standard stands for the different emission classes of vehicles. Because trucks have higher fuel consumption, they are allowed to emit more fine particulate matter (PM) than passenger cars.

In total there are 6 Euronorm standards. The higher the Euronorm standard, the cleaner the tractor unit. Euro 5 tractor units emit 80% less fine particulate matter than Euro 3 tractor units. With Euro 6, the main focus is on nitrogen emissions. This is 80% less for a Euro 6 than for a Euro 5. The only way to achieve high Euronorm standards today is to inject DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) or AdBlue into the exhaust gases. If you don't do this, a Euro 5 engine isn't much cleaner than a Euro 1 engine from the early nineties.


Besides the cabin, the Euronorm standard and the axle configuration, there are other specifications to pay attention to when buying a new or used tractor unit. On our website, you can easily filter by specifications such as the power of the engine, the mileage and the price. In addition, you can filter on a manual, automatic or semi-automatic gearbox. For long journeys, it is useful to have two fuel tanks and you can easily check this in the options. When a driver has to spend the night, a parking heater or standard air conditioning is a must. Other specifications that are often filtered are the PTO (power take off) and a retarder.