Scania has been producing trucks since 1919. After a series of famous historical models, Scania introduced the R-series and the P-series in 2004. The G-series was added in 2007. Production of the S-series will begin in 2017. This is the highest tractor Scania makes.

Axle configuration

Scania tractors are available in different axle configurations and are therefore suitable for every situation. Most companies choose a 4x2 configuration, but depending on the type (and weight) of the transport, a 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 10x4 may be required. For heavy transport, more axles are needed to distribute the load. BAS World always has different Scania configurations in stock.

King of the road

Scania is known for its famous V8 engines. Through a combination of the sensation of power and the unmistakable sound, drivers feel like the ‘king of the road’. When this engine was introduced in 1960, it was the strongest diesel in Europe. Over the years, the engine has undergone various developments as a result of strict environmental standards. Driving a Scania V8 is a dream of many (young) drivers.

How much does a Scania truck cost?

The price of a Scania depends on the model, age, mileage, and options. Prices start at around € 9,000. These are older trucks with high mileage. Young used tractor units cost about € 30,000. Do you want a brand new Scania? Expect prices above € 100,000.