Mercedes presented its first truck in 1926 in Berlin. At that time the range consisted of 3 models, of which the heaviest was allowed to transport 5 tons. Less than a century later, all models have undergone major changes. In 2018 Mercedes unveiled the new Actros. One of the changes is a completely renewed digital dashboard. The truck has also become more economical and safer.

Axle configurations

The Actros and Axor trucks are available in different axle configurations. The most popular configuration is 4x2. But every transport is unique. With a higher tonnage, you need more axles. In this case, for example, a 6x2 or 6x4 can offer a solution. The load is distributed over more axles, which is necessary for heavy transport. You can also choose a 4x4 for extra grip in hilly terrains.

New Actros

At the end of 2018 Mercedes presents the new Actros. In fact, this is a facelift of the model introduced in 2012. The truck has been renewed in a large number of areas. Both in the interior and exterior. Most remarkable are the 2 screens in the dashboard. The analog meters have been replaced by a bright color screen. In addition, the screen for the radio and navigation can be operated via the touchscreen. The visibility has also been improved by thinner A-pillars, allowing the driver to look outside even better.

What does a young used Mercedes cost?

The price of a young used Mercedes truck has a lot to do with the age and condition of the vehicle. The mileage also makes a lot of difference. A newer truck can last longer and is, therefore, more expensive. At BAS World you can already buy an Actros starting from € 13,000. Expect to spend about € 70,000 if you want a young used Mercedes-Benz tractor unit.