Brands and models

Not only Knapen, Stas and Kraker manufacture walking floor semi-trailers. Schmitz, Legras, Reisch, Benalu, Carnehl and Kemp are also often spotted on the road. Moving floor semi-trailers can be fitted with various options that make them more efficient or easier to use. This concerns, for example, a steering axle, lift axle, remote control, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm steel floor, aluminum floor, (automatic) tarpaulin. In addition, the total loading capacity varies between 60 m³ and 100 m³.

What are walking floors used for?

These types of trailers make it possible to transport not only loose and unpacked goods, but also pallets, flower carts and other loads. The moving floor is divided into three sets of narrow floor slats, of which every third floor slat is connected to each other and can be moved back and forth separately. As a result, any type of loose load such as glass, wood chips, waste or raw materials can easily be unloaded.

Moving floor

The floor of a walking floor semi-trailer does not consist of a fixed piece of steel, but several slats that run across the entire length of the trailer. These slats can be moved back and forth by a hydraulic drive. If all slats move at the same time, the load will also be moved in that direction. Withdrawing the slats, which does not cause the load to move, is done by withdrawing one set of slats at a time.

How much does a walking floor semi-trailer cost?

The price of a walking floor semi-trailer varies widely, depending on the condition of the trailer. BAS World always has several walking floor trailers of different age and brands in stock. You can already buy a semi-trailer for €10,000. A brand-new unit obviously costs more. These are for sale for around €50,000.