Brands and models

Most silo trailers are identical in design. Models can be distinguished from one another based on their capacity. This can vary from ± 35 to 60 m³. In addition, some silo semi-trailers are equipped with a steering or lift axle or ADR certified. A number of trailers have a special coating on the inside, so that the load does not come into contact with the aluminum tank.

What are silo semi-trailers used for?

Silo trailers are especially suitable for transporting large quantities of bulk goods such as milk powder or sugar. In theory, any loose good can be loaded. Silo semi-trailers can also be fitted with multiple compartments. This allows several substances to be transported separately

Hopper bottom, tipper silos and banana trailers

Most silo trailers fall into three categories: hopper bottoms, tipper silos and banana (shaped) trailers. A hopper bottom is divided into a number of compartments. Each compartment has its own discharge opening at the bottom. Tipper silos have one release opening at the rear. The entire tank tilts due to the hydraulic cylinder at the front of the trailer. "Banana trailers" have only one opening at the bottom, making the shape look like a banana. These types of semi-trailers are widely used for the transport of cement.

What does a silo semi-trailer cost?

The price of a silo trailer is largely based on its year of manufacture. At BAS World you can already buy a silo semi-trailer for €8,000. The price of a new unit is about €30,000. Additional options such as a lift axle will increase the price. BAS World always has a large selection of silo semi-trailers of different age in stock.