New and used Refrigerated Semi-trailer for sale

Some products cannot be transported "as is". They must remain refrigerated or frozen in order to retain their value. Think of ice cream, milk or other food of a perishable nature. To transport these products, a special type of semi-trailer is needed with its own cooling system and insulated walls. The best known producers of refrigerated semi-trailers are Schmitz, Krone, Chereau and Lamberet. BAS world always has a wide range of refrigerated/freezer trailers in stock, of different age and with different options.

Brands and models

In addition to Schmitz and Krone, Kögel, Cimc, Samro, Lecinena and Kässbohrer are also known for their refrigerated trailers. Although all refrigeration trailer are the same at their core, there are different options available that enhance and distinguish them. Among these optional features are a handlebar/lift axle, tail lift, bi-temp/dual-temp and sliding walls. In addition, an ATP/FRC certificate may be important.

What is a refrigerated/freezer semi-trailer suited for?

As the name implies, refrigerated/freezer semi-trailers keep their load cool or frozen. Dual-temp trailers can even freeze part of their load and cool the other. These semi-trailers are mainly used for transporting perishable products, such as food. These decay if they are not cooled and must therefore remain under a constant (low) temperature.

Cooling system

Each refrigerated/freezer semi-trailer is equipped with a cooling engine. It is responsible for cooling the load space. The current and target temperature can be read on its display. The best-known producers of cooling engines are Carrier and Thermoking. Most cooling systems are powered by diesel, although more and more hybrid or fully-electric cooling engines are entering the market to meet the rising emission standards in cities.

What does a refrigerated/freezer semi-trailer cost?

The price of a trailer is based on its age and its options such as a double evaporator or lift axle. At BAS World you can already purchase a refrigerated/freezer semi-trailer for around €8,000. New trailers start at €50,000.