Brands and models

Open trailers differ little between themselves. An open semi-trailer can be fitted with 2 or 3 axles. The more axles, the larger the load capacity as the pressure per axle decreases. In addition to an extra axle, open semi-trailers can be equipped with various options that make them easier or more efficient to use. These options are, for example, stanchions or stake boxes, crane rails, a crane, steering axle or lifting axle.

What are open semi-trailers suited for?

Thanks to their design, open semi-trailers are suitable for a large number of different transports. Large, indivisible loads can, for example, be transported by the large loading floor. When the trailer is equipped with a loading crane and stakes (side posts), it can be used for forestry. Side boards on the other hand make it possible to transport stones.

How much does a used open semi-trailer cost?

The price of an open trailer is highly dependent on its external condition, year of manufacture and options. You can already buy an open semi-trailer from BAS World for €5,000. However, this would concern an intensively used unit. You can buy a younger used open trailer starting at €15,000.