Brands and models

In addition to Nooteboom and Broshuis, Kässbohrer, Nicolas, Ozsan and Meusberger also manufacture low-loaders. Low-loaders can be fitted with a large number of optional features such as a detachable neck, ramps, extendable platforms, pendulum axles, hydraulic steering, boiler bed, dolly, jeepdolly, lift axles, steering axles and wheel troughs. However, the most important difference between different low-loaders are in their dimensions and load capacity.

What is a (semi) low-loader suitable for?

Large indivisible objects, such as semi-finished products or construction machines are often so high that they cannot be transported on a trailer low-loader. Low-loaders are equipped with an extra low loading floor, allows these products to also be transported.

Semi low-loader or low-loader

Low-loaders and semi low-loaders are often confused with one another. These are different vehicles. The loading floor of a low-loader is lower than the axles. With a semi low-loader, the loading floor is just a bit higher than the axles. This means that ground clearance does not play a role. However, this is at the expense of the maximum height of the load.

What does a (semi) low-loader cost?

The price of a low-loader varies widely because there are many different options. Some of these are important when the value of the trailer is to be considered. The year of construction and general condition also play an important role. At BAS World you can already purchase a low-loader for €5,000. A new (semi) low-loader costs (depending on the options) about €80,000.