New and used Container Chassis Semi trailer for sale

Ships can only transport containers by sea. This is where container chassis semi-trailers come into play. It goes without saying what container chassis are used for - transporting containers by road. The best-known producers are Schmitz, Kögel, Krone, D-Tec, Broshuis and Pacto. BAS World always has a wide range of different brands of container chassis trailers in stock.

Information about Container trailers

In addition to Schmitz and Kögel, Cimc, Kässbohrer, Fliegl, Wielton and Van Hool also manufacture container chassis. The semi-trailers differ little in terms of models. The different models are mostly distinguished by their loading options. Due to modifications to the chassis, some models can transport multiple sizes of sea containers (20, 30, 40ft). In addition, container chassis can be ADR certified or fitted with a bogie lift and steering axle.

What can a container chassis semi-trailer be used for?

The most economical (and sometimes only) way to transport large quantities of goods over long distances is through ships in sea containers. When the ship arrives at the port, the container often continues its journey transport often by road. To transport a (sea) container by road a special type of trailer is required; a container chassis.

How much does a second-hand container chassis cost?

The price of a semi-trailer always depends on its age, technical condition and options. At BAS World you can often buy a container chassis trailer starting at €2,900. Do you prefer a brand-new unit? These cost around €20,000. We always have a varied selection of container chassis of different age and with different options in stock, suitable for every situation.