Track excavator Construction equipment

Track excavators are perhaps the best-known type of construction equipment. This type of machine is designed to excavate material. Think of soil, rock, waste or other loose material. The best-known manufacturers of track excavators are Caterpillar, Liebherr, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi and Doosan. BAS World always has a large selection of used and new track excavators of various brands and types in stock.

Brands and options

In addition to Caterpillar, Case and Hyundai also manufacture track excavators. They can be equipped with numerous options that make work easier or more efficient. These include, for example, a quick coupler, hammer or rotator function. Other nicknames for track excavators are: HEX, MHEX, SHEX, LHEX and crawling digger.

An excavator is equipped with a mono, offset or variable boom. The advantage of a variable boom is that it makes it possible to work close to the vehicle. There are also excavators on the market that have a shorter rear. We call these "innerturners". The shorter rear means the machine does not protrude further than its tracks. This allows the machine to maneuver in compact spaces. Some excavators have an undercarriage that can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically.

What is a track excavator used for?

Track excavators are basically most suitable for moving soil. With other attachments, they can also be used for a large number of other purposes such as demolition work, leveling and forestry.


Hydraulic track excavators come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest machines weigh around 930 kilos. These are also called mini or compact excavators. This type is especially suitable for working in buildings. The largest excavator at the moment is the CAT 6090 at a weight of 979,990 kg. This machine is made for mining.

How much does a used track excavator cost?

The price of a track excavator varies greatly. A heavy track excavator costs considerably more than a small used excavator. The year of construction and amount of operating hours also play a role. The price of a brand-new machine varies between €100,000 and €200,000. Used construction machines are considerably cheaper. At BAS World you can buy a used excavator starting at €15,000.

Leasing a new or used track excavator

It is possible to lease a new or used track excavator at BAS World. The lease period can vary from 24 to 60 months. Servicing can also be included. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.