Brands and options

In addition to CAT and Bomag, Volvo, Ammann, Benforf, Terex, JCB and Ingersoll also manufacture rollers. This construction machine is also referred to as a paver, compactor, soil compactor or asphalt roller. Asphalt rollers are often equipped with a water spray system that allows them to cool off the roll. This keeps the temperature low, preventing the asphalt does from sticking to the roll. In addition, rollers can be fitted with a vibrating function. This allows the soil to be compacted even more effectively.

What is are rollers used for?

Rollers can be used for many activities. They are mainly used for compacting soil, waste or asphalt. Compact rollers are also often used for road construction and other small-scale projects. Large rollers cannot reach these places or are too large for this type of work.

Types of rollers

Depending on the type of substrate, a certain type of roller is most efficient. A single roll is the most suitable for compacting soil. Two-roll machines are used when laying asphalt. Tire rollers are not equipped with a steel roll but a number of tires. This enables the machine to apply an asphalt wear layer. To compact waste or clay, the roll has a number of metal spikes. These are also referred to as "padfoot" or "sheep's foot roller".

How much does a (used) roller cost?

The price of a roller depends on its type and operating hours. A large tandem roller obviously costs more than a compact roller. At BAS World you can buy a compact roller for €5,000. The price of a new unit is about €25,000. Used large (tandem) rollers are already available starting at €20,000. A brand-new roller costs around €75,000.

Leasing a used or new roller?

It is possible to lease a new or used roller at BAS World. The lease period can vary from 24 to 60 months. Servicing can also be included. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.