Light tower Construction equipment

Construction sites and event sites often lack fixed lighting or power infrastructure. Yet lighting is needed in even the most remote areas. Mobile light towers stand out (literally and figuratively) in this scenario. Mobile lighting columns are capable of illuminating large areas autonomously. A built-in diesel generator provides the required power. BAS World always has a large number of lighting towers in stock.

Brands and options

There are a large number of manufacturers of mobile lighting towers. SMC, Atlas Copco, Generac, Himoinsa and Wanco are the most well-known. Light towers can be fitted with the following features: 120/230V power connection, LED lighting, Kubota motor, battery or KVA connection. This type of connection allows the generator to be used for others tools at the same time. Some generators are equipped with a Kubota engine. These engines are known for their reliability.

What is a light tower used for?

Construction sites often lack power infrastructure. This is particularly the case in remote areas. Lighting is needed to carry out the work. Mobile light columns address this issue as they have their own diesel tank and generator; no power supply is required. Many light towers are also equipped with power sockets that can be used to connect other tools. Their capacity varies from 5 to 20 KVA.


Numerous light towers are available with different kinds of lamps and capacities. Most light towers are fitted with metal halide lamps or LED lamps. LED lamps are more efficient, but metal halide lamps are cheaper and radiate more light. The power of light towers varies between 300W and 1100W.

Hybrid lighting columns

Light towers have a diesel generator that generates power. However, the motor often generates much more power than needed. That is why hybrid light towers are steadily taking over the market. These machines have a battery in addition to the diesel generator. As a result, the generator doesn’t have to run constantly, saving a large amount of fuel.

How much does a used light tower cost?

The price of a light tower depends on the power consumption of the lamp and the amount of operating hours. Extra options such as a KVA connection also add to the price. The price of a brand-new light tower starts at around €12,500. Used lighting columns are considerably cheaper. At BAS World you can buy a used light tower for €3000.